The Issue: China's Pollution and Syrian Doctors Targeted

In this week's issue of Newsweek Europe correspondent Bill Powell says that although Chinese air pollution is high, concerning government officials enough to want to act, progress within the world's leading greenhouse-gas emitter will be slow.

Despite outward signs of cooperation, Powell writes, China remains wary, and somewhat resentful, of Western pressure on Beijing to cut its emissions.

Over in Syria, the number of doctors in the war-torn eastern city of Aleppo has plummeted, with fighting killing off many and causing others to flee. As the population dwindles, the shortage of doctors means there is now only one per 7,000 people in the city's rebel-held east. In 2010, before the outbreak of civil war, the figure was one doctor to every 800 people.

In our Downtime section this week Lisa Abend goes on a gastronomic pilgrimage in Denmark, to sample the best of Nordic cuisine. She's not alone in her quest, a third of tourists visiting Copenhagen arrive determined to dine at a wish-list restaurant.

All this and more in the new issue of Newsweek Europe.

The Issue: China's Pollution and Syrian Doctors Targeted | Politics