Elderly Couple and Their Disabled Son Found Dead in Home May Have Been There for 3 Months

A town in Italy has been left in shock after the discovery of the decomposed bodies of an elderly couple and their disabled son, who are believed to have been dead for a number of weeks.

Firefighters broke down the door to discover the bodies of Eros Canullo, 81, his wife Angela Maria Moretti, 75 and their 54-year-old son Alessandro Canullo at their home in Macerata, in the central Italian region of Marche, Il Resto Del Carlino reported.

The father, a retired surveyor, was found in the bathroom, the woman on the bed and the son was lying next to the mother at the foot of the bed. The son had been disabled for some years following a car accident, Today.it reported.

Their discovery had followed the alarm being raised by a relative from Milan who had not heard from the family for some time.

When police and firefighters arrived at the property, they found that the radiators had been turned on, suggesting that the deaths had happened some time ago. One hypothesis was that they had died as long as three months ago.

The bodies showed no sign of violent struggle and the coroner, who has only undertaken initial examination, is yet to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been ruled out because all the systems have been found in order, the publication noted.

In a Facebook post, the mayor of Macerata, Sandro Parcaroli, whom Newsweek has contacted for comment, said the discovery was a "tragedy that has shocked the entire community."

"The whole city of Macerata is holding on to the pain of the family and acquaintances of the Canullo family," he said, according to a translation of his post.

"It is evident that situations of loneliness and fragility are increasing in this difficult time and we must all, institutions and citizens, be more careful and motivated in catching up with the needs of social isolation."

The post prompted comments from those left saddened and shocked by the circumstances of the deaths.

"We should listen less behind doors and pay more attention to the needs of our neighbors, especially if they are elderly or with problems," wrote one user.

Another user said he knew the family and would frequently chat to them, describing them as "very polite people," adding that, "ending up like this without anyone interested in them is a pity!"

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A stock image of an elderly man and a woman holding hands. A town in Italy has been left in shock after the discovery of the decomposed bodies of an elderly couple and their disabled son. Getty Images