It's Friday the 13th—6 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Lucky

Last time the world faced Friday the 13th, in March, the world flipped upside down. It's safe to say we're all a little nervous about the possible doom surrounding the superstitious day, but there are plenty of lucky hacks that can give you protection from possible turmoil.

They may sound crazy, but even the idea of Friday the 13th comes from superstition, right?

Pennies lay in a pile July 6, 2006, in Des Plaines, Illinois Photo Illustration by Tim Boyle/Getty Images/Getty

Heads Up Penny

You already know that a heads up penny is supposed to bring the person who finds it good luck. When you slow down on Friday, you may be surprised by how many you find. Your grocery store parking lot, walk in the park or trip to the doctor's office all have the potential to bring you heads up pennies you can take with you for luck, or leave for someone else to find. It's also a great pass time to leave a few heads up pennies on your own travels to gift luck to someone else, especially on terrifying days like Friday the 13th.

Acorn In Your Pocket

According to the Farmer's Almanac, carrying an acorn in your pocket all day is a way to bring guidance and good luck. Apparently, because the acorn comes from an oak tree, it symbolizes stability. It also promotes a very long life in the spirit of the tree.

Don't Iron Your Sheets

If you've been ironing your clean sheets, you're doing it wrong. Apparently, ironed sheets bring bad luck to the sleeper, though there doesn't seem to be an official reason why.

Break Clear Glass

This one can't be done on command to bring in luck. If you happen to drop a wine glass or other clear piece of dishware, the shattered glass symbolizes good things are coming. If the break is intentional, though, it doesn't help with luck. You've just broken a good dish for absolutely no reason.

Four Leaf Clover

If you've ever found a four-leaf clover, Friday may be the perfect day to put it in your pocket. If you've yet to find one of the elusive, stereotypical luck charms, free time Friday may inspire you to go searching in fields of flora. If you find one, keep it forever for a reminder of the luck you've found.

Be Kind

This Friday the 13th also happens to be World Kindness Day. The idea of being kind to others will bring you luck...think of it as karma. By doing good things for the people around you, good energy will follow you, too. If nothing else, at least you'll feel good about helping out the people who need it, and it may even distract you from the anxiety we're all feeling on Friday the 13th.