'It's a Joke About Work': Viral Video About Starbucks Order Splits Comments

A Starbucks employee's video joking about a specific drink order not only went viral, it also split the opinion of viewers in the comments section.

In TikToker @heyimozzy's video, which was viewed nearly 200,000 times and can be viewed here, a song from the popular video game series "Five Nights at Freddy's" plays in the background with the text, "POV: You order a frappuccino during a rush," over the video.

The camera pans around the counter, showing several employees staring back with a straight face.

An article published with Delish noted that a "Frappuccino rush" can be stressful.

"Blending [takes] time, mixing up the Frappuccino base takes time, and the whole process is sticky and annoying," the piece read. "Please be patient—most stores only have two blenders."

Though meant as a joke, many viewers took issue with the TikTok video.

"Newsflash the customers have the right to order anything they wish," commented Candice Wilson. "Stop putting em on blast and get bk to work!!"

"Oh no! Having to make a drink off the menu during a rush!" TikTok commenter scrcrd eight wrote. "From a paying customer that keeps you in business no less!"

That sentiment was echoed by shelleyb16 who wrote making the drinks is part of the job.

Some claimed that the drink was the only item on the menu that they enjoyed.

However, @heyimozzy set the record straight and responded to some comments to say that the video was not to be taken too seriously.

"Don't take this tiktok seriously, order your frappes we don't mind making them," @heyimozzy wrote in the comments section. "Some of yall making a big deal about it."

When one commenter asked for an easier drink to order, @heyimozzy responded, "Order your frappe bestie."

Despite some pushback from commenters, many defended the video.

"Apparently 90 [percent] of the people in the comments have 1) never worked at [S]tarbucks or 2) cannot take a joke," TikTok commenter angel wrote. "Uh oh."

Many reflected on the tone of some of the comments.

"It's a joke about work...people are allowed to complain about their jobs," TikTok user myamio commented.

Dani commented: "I'm willing to bet all of you vent about your jobs sometimes. Yall have always enjoyed every second of your job??? Like yall never get frustrated??"

Newsweek reached out to @heyimozzy for comment.

Starbucks Counter
A Starbucks employee's viral TikTok about preparing a specific drink order has left the comments section divided. Here, a Starbucks employee works behind the counter. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Another viral TikTok, which was viewed more than 1 million times, sparked a different debate when a man broke a 23 car "pay it forward" streak at Starbucks, as previously reported by Newsweek.

People participating in the trend simply pay for the order after their own, but when the man learned he would have had to pay for a $46 order, he ended the streak.

Comments under this video were also split. While many understood why he did not want to pay for a $46 order, others suggested there were ways the chain could have continued.