It's National Paper Airplane Day! Here's How The Pros Are Celebrating

Break out your prefered stack of freshly bonded 8 1/2 x 11, because today is National Paper Airplane Day! Just because the coronavirus outbreak has put group paper plane contests on hold, that doesn't mean you shouldn't let your imagination fly as high as your best stationary-based creation.

Typically on May 26, participants would gather around the country to craft and fly their paper planes in competition. The winner is usually determined by how far their paper plane was thrown and how much time their toy glider actually spent flying in the air. Back in 2012, John Collins, aka "The Paper Airplane Guy," set the Guinness world record for the farthest flight in North Highlands, California.

Earlier today on Facebook, the National Paper Airplane Day group recommended that aircraft buffs stay inside and continue social distancing. For many, this conjures images of tossing their paper planes sadly around the living room, but the Facebook group has suggestions to keep the day from being a real bust.

Today is Memorial Day, a time to solemnly reflect upon and appreciate the lives taken during military service.Tomorrow...

Posted by National Paper Airplane Day on Monday, May 25, 2020

"Maybe even toss one off a balcony with a note encouraging others to do the same, but not in such a way as to create a litter problem!"

Paper Airplanes
CHONGQING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 16: (CHINA MAINLAND OUT)A 70 years old man folded over 10 thousand kinds of paper airplane by waste paper on 17th September, 2014 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

Check out how these paper plane buffs are celebrating:

Tulsa's Channel 8

NATIONAL PAPER AIRPLANE DAY: @SunnyLeighKTUL, @KeithTaylorKTUL, @CarolineBrownWx and @AaronReevesWx tested out their paper airplanes this morning ✈️

We want to see your paper airplanes -->

— NewsChannel 8 | KTUL (@KTULNews) May 26, 2020

All of the anchors from Channel 8's morning news team had their own paper plane contest.

8 News Now

Today's a good day to let your imagination take flight! Today is National Paper Airplane Day! #FYI, paper airplanes are believed to date back to ancient China.

— 8 News NOW (@8NewsNow) May 26, 2020

Well, someone at Las Vegas' 8 News Now sure had fun with their camera! From a bird's eye view, the cameraman flew their paper plane around the office.


Return to the skies this National Paper Airplane Day! Build “The Buzz” in Episode 1 of our Fly at Home series, and show us your best plane using the #FlyANA hashtag. ✈️

— @FlyANA_official (@FlyANA_official) May 26, 2020

Over on Twitter, All Nippon Airways released a short tutorial video on how to build their "Buzz" design for their "Fly At Home" series.

Ontario Science Centre

Hosted by science presenter John Cadavos, the Ontario Science Centre recently held a fun and educational class about the aerodynamics of paper planes. Check out the video on how you can build and test out these paper planes.

WOWK 13 News

Celebrating #NationalPaperAirplaneDay or 2021 Heisman candidates? rumor has it @JackKaneNews
isn't actually retiring, but instead going to play for @NealBrown_WVU
in the fall...check out the arm

— Hannah Goetz (@HGoetzWOWK) May 26, 2020

WOWK 13 News' Hannah Goetz shared an image of herself and her co-anchor, Jack Kane, throwing paper gliders across the newsroom. Goetz teased Kane has a better and stronger arm for tossing a football around.

Goetz tweeted, "Celebrating National Paper Airplane Day or 2021 Heisman candidates? Rumor has it Kane isn't actually retiring, but instead going to play for Neal Brown's West Virginia University team in the fall! Check out the arm!"

Waltonwood Cary Parkway

At the Waltonwood Cary Parkway in North Carolina, the senior living community were able to hold a paper airplane challenge indoors. Even though the pandemic cancelled their group activities, the senior residents gathered on their balconies and threw airplanes at their courtyard, per CBS 17.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has provided an instruction manual on how to fold and cut two of their paper airplanes.

Mahir Cave

Paper plane enthusiast, Mahir Cave, released a recent YouTube video explaining to viewers how to make a toy glider through the art of origami, also known as paper folding.

PowerUp Toys

PowerUp Toys have released video tutorials on how to make the unique designs of their paper planes. They have also included flight tests to show how far these planes have grown.