'It's Not About Adding Fluff': Woman Offers Creative Way to Tweak Resumes

A woman on social media has gone viral for offering career advice so others can succeed in their professional lives.

In the viral videos spreading around Tiktok, Erin McGoff (@ericmcgoff) discusses all kinds of ways to answer typical job interview questions, how to reword sentences to make them more specific on a resume, information on the film and tv industry, and other career related tips. The Tiktoker gets hundreds of thousands of views on her videos, some even reach to over a million.

On her website, the film director and editor offers a free downloadable guide when you subscribe to her newsletter. This guide offers examples of emails, cover letters, and resumes, along with tons of tips. She also writes about job interview "do's and don't's" to help people snag their dream jobs. As if that's not enough in the professional arsenal, McGoff also offers a skills class called "How To Market Yourself on TikTok as a Creative Professional."

In the descriptions of her videos, McGoff writes more useful information for the job world, such as:

"Reminder that people hire people—make human connections."

"Remember: it's not about adding fluff. It's about quantifying your experience + being results-oriented."

"talk about what ~you~ would do for the company, not what the company will do for you."

"look up the job posting & just repeat back to them the things listed," she wrote when giving examples on how to answer "why should we hire you?"

Many users have commented on the videos, appreciating her content while also asking for advice—which she sometimes answers.

"I got my dream internship bc of your devices, i cant say thank you enough, you are my idol," wrote one commenter.

"Because of Erin, I was able to deliver myself to a nerving job interview last year with confidence. And I got the job," said another.

"I LOVE YOUR CONTENT," one user added.

"Not kidding when I say you give me confidence," another commented.

"Omg, this was perfect timing! You have no idea how much you helped. Thank you so much," @Jes wrote in response to how to negotiate a fair salary when another business offered more.

@Alex exclaimed, "Your content helped me with interviews and I got the job!!!!"

"Life saver," @Madi wrote.

"You literally have helped me so much," @Megan said.

"Your advice has been really helpful with revising my resume," @Danielle admitted.

"You made working at McDonald's sound so professional," one Tiktoker wrote on her video about McDonald's

McGoff wrote back, "tbh fast food workers can gain so many desirable skills!"

"I've always been a career-driven person," McGoff told Newsweek. "In college I was always the go-to person when you needed help on your resume, writing a cover letter, applying to an internship, etc. I just liked doing it!"

She downloaded TikTok mid-pandemic to cure her boredom adding,"I was just a consumer for a while—but as a filmmaker, I was always curious about creating. Around June 2020, I started to think about tangible things I could do to make the world a better place."

McGoff began posting career advice videos for people who really needed it.

"I got the hang of it. In January 2021, one of my videos 'how to answer: tell me about yourself' went super-viral. It was all over the internet. And that's where everything started," she said.

She continued: "People are often confused when they learn I work in the film industry and not in staffing or HR. A lot of the information I give is somewhat common sense, or all over the internet. I read a lot of books and articles, I talk to friends who do a lot of hiring. I also hire myself, as a director, and as a freelancer, I'm always interviewing. I know both sides of the process."

Since then, she explained that she receives between 10-20 messages and comments from people that said her advice really helped them get a position.

"It's extremely rewarding!" she added. "I am so grateful whenever people take the time to let me know."

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A content creator on Tiktok uses her platform to give out career advice to people looking to better their interview skills along with gaining useful information when applying for jobs. dragana991/iStock / Getty Images Plus