It's OK to Ban Young Children From Restaurants | Opinion

The following is a lightly edited transcript of remarks made by Leslie Marshall during a Newsweek debate about a restaurant in New Jersey that has banned children under the age of 10. You can listen to the podcast here:

I have two teenagers. I would've thought that they'd say no teenagers allowed, and that would make them very famous and popular. Among those of us that have, or have had teenagers, we can all empathize with that pain. Look, we've all been in places that say we have the right to refuse service to whoever we choose. And that is a right. You have a right to do what type of business you want. You have that freedom. I support that freedom. This could benefit them for the people that want a date night and want a night away from the kids. I have to be honest, when I do my girl trips, we always sit at the adult pool, not the family pool, because we want a break from our kids, and our husbands. Sorry, but this is their right to do.

A couple feeding a baby at restaurant.
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What I like about this company is they're being honest about it. They're not being disingenuous; they're putting it out there. They're saying, look, we've had this problem, and this is what we're trying as a solution. We know we're going to lose some of your business, and we hope to gain other business. It's not nefarious. I don't think that this restaurant and this issue with regard to children is the mountain to die on. If we really care about kids, why are there 500,000 that can be adopted tomorrow? American culture beyond caters to children. The United States more than any other country in the world bends over backwards for our children. My best friend told me when I had children, "remember, you don't change your life because of them. They become a part of your life". And we don't live that way. We change our lives in the United States for children and they don't become a part of our life. This restaurant is basically saying we're not going to change our lives.

Leslie Marshall is a Political Analyst, National Radio Host, and a Fox News Contributor who provides political analysis from a liberal point of view.

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