It's Semi-Official: Health-Care Reform Is on Schedule to Pass

The most important vote for health-care reform won't be the one that happens on Christmas Eve, when the bill presumably passes. It won't be the final vote to end debate. It was the vote that happened just after 1 o'clock Monday morning. As New York Times reports:

The Senate voted on party lines to cut off a Republican of a package of changes to the health care bill by the majority leader, of Nevada.

—a tally that is expected to be repeated four times as further procedural hurdles are cleared in the days ahead.

I, for one, wasn't counting on Joe Lieberman's support until it became official. But it now seems all but certain that the biggest expansion of America's social safety net since the Great Society is going to be enacted.

Some liberals are carping rather than rejoicing. Jane Hamsher of FiredogLake calls the bill "a con job." But that is just foolishness. Complaining about the bill's imperfections obscures more than it reveals. Compare it instead to the current state of affairs, and you see a vastly improved situation for the currently uninsured. Imagine that Republicans got 70 percent of what they campaigned for, as indeed they did in 2001 with George W. Bush's massive tax cuts. They had the good sense to celebrate.

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