Ivanka Trump's Dress Mishap and Haircut Steal the Show in Colombia

First daughter and senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump arrived in South America on Monday to promote the Trump administration's women economic empowerment initiative but despite her efforts, many on social media focused on her dress that went awry with a gust of wind, and her new bob haircut.

Ivanka Trump tweeted photos of herself on Tuesday in a moss green-colored dress with floppy sleeves launching the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs in Colombia as part of the administration's Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WDGP). "I was honored to meet the 1st participants – a dynamic group of 40 women entrepreneurs!" she tweeted. "These formidable women embody the spirit of the future & I look forward to seeing their successes influence our world for the better."

Many Twitter users focused instead on other photos of Trump posing for a picture with Colombian Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez and Colombian Minister of National Defense Guillermo Botero, in which the wind blew her sleeves open to awkward circles around her arms.

"The dress that launched a thousand gardening jokes," tweeted American author Molly Jong-Fast along with the image taken by Getty Images photographer Guillermo Legaria Schweizer.

The dress that launched a thousand gardening jokes https://t.co/GfzFXgqgw2

— Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) September 4, 2019

Another American author and journalist Steve Silberman, captioned the photo: "Ivanka Trump Snared by Venus Fly Trap in Unfortunate Botanical Incident."

Scottish comedian Janey Godley called it "Triffids couture Ivanka," referring to a fictional tall venomous plant.

Media Matters for America editor-at-large Parker Molloy juxtaposed photos of Trump with a a plant and with a Dilophosaurus, a dinosaur that opens its neck.


— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) September 4, 2019

Ivanka Trump has charged on with her efforts to empower women economically around the globe while remaining silent on her father President Donald Trump's controversial decisions including the continued detention of migrant children in reportedly subpar conditions.

Many Twitter users also paid more attention to the short haircut Ivanka Trump revealed for the first time during her trip, than her initiative.

A haircut will Never fix her problems #IvankaTrump

— Mark Candler (@MarkCandler) September 2, 2019

The first daughter's bob "gives off a 'take me more seriously' vibe," hair stylist Devin Toth at Salon SCK in New York City told the Daily Beast.

Ivanka Trump, whose signature look was long tresses parted down the middle, apparently last had a bob haircut in 2005 and told Forbes in 2013 she chopped her hair because she "tried to assimilate" in the Trump Organization's largely male office.

Ivanka Trump Dress Haircut Colombia
Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump (C) poses for the family photo along with Vice President of Colombia Marta Lucia Ramirez (L) and Colombia's Minister of National Defense Guillermo Botero (R) after a meeting with female police cadets at General Santander National Police Academy on September 3, 2019, in Bogota, Colombia. Guillermo Legaria Schweizer/Getty