Ivanka Trump Sits Down for First CNN Interview

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and founder and CEO of the Ivanka Trump Collection, appeared at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington on October 14. Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS

Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump's daughter. Her mother is Ivana, the Donald's first wife. She is 33 years old and has worked as a model, a fashion designer and an executive in the Trump Organization. Like Donald, she is a graduate of the Wharton School, which her father often cites as proof of his smarts.

Despite her relative fame, so far Ivanka has not done much campaigning, but on Wednesday she gave her first high-profile interview of the election season, with CNN's Poppy Harlow.

"It's not my place to articulate [his positions] for him.... He's kept me very busy working alongside my brothers and running the organization now that he's taken this step," she told Harlow.

Hardly a novice interview subject, Ivanka has appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and The View. She's also no stranger to TV cameras seeking her out, as they did when Snoop Dogg memorably insulted her dad in 2011.

In Wednesday's interview, she opened up a bit, telling Harlow that candidate Trump would make an excellent president and a great leader (she also called him "the most formidable negotiator" she has ever met), but added "in terms of my role, in terms of the campaign or policy issues, that's not for me to talk about."

But just because she's not stumping doesn't mean she won't show her support. She was at the second Republican debate, and she has defended Donald against accusations of sexism, saying he would be "amazing for women" as president. Still, her message is more genial than political.

There's seemingly little for Ivanka to gain by subjecting herself to presidential politics. Her public image and brand would invariably be linked to controversy. And as an active businesswoman with two children, does she really want to answer questions about her father's comments about immigrants?