Ivanka Trump's Thanksgiving Centerpiece Is Nightmare Fuel (and Potentially Political)

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Donald Trump gestures as Ivanka Trump looks on during the third day of the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Jeff Swensen/Getty

Can someone check on Ivanka Trump?

The lifestyle brand named after the first daughter tweeted out a blog post on Thursday featuring ideas from interior designer Allison Domonoske on how to create a memorable Thanksgiving centerpiece. But instead of being trendy and popular, the suggestions were nightmarish and widely mocked.

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IvankaTrump.com called the creation a "beautiful, bold and unexpected Thanksgiving tablescape," but the internet disagreed. It not only tore apart Domonoske's concept—a giant clam shell filled with pumpkins, moss, milkweed, pine cones and driftwood—but also searched for hidden meaning in the project.

Several Twitter users noted that even the pumpkins Domonoske selected were white, linking the choice to Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric, repeated Muslim ban proposals and his perma-tanned skin. Some compared the over-the-top nature of the decoration to the president's $100 million gilded penthouse in New York City. And others simply pointed out the differences in the priorities of the first family versus everyday Americans.

"Out of touch; out of your minds," Twitter user Becky Brunton replied. "You know what's an ACTUAL problem? Not being able to afford health care," added K. Chrisman-Campbell. "That centerpiece cost more than most peoples' whole Thanksgiving dinner," Patricia Dianne Rose chimed in.

As an alternative, consider the lovely simplicity of this stainless steel tray with matching flatware. Not only will it provide a timeless symmetry to your table, it will also be such a kind gesture to help prepare your family for holidays in a more institutionalized setting. pic.twitter.com/9FWpm2bU3e

— Lizzie65 (@LorraineP65) November 18, 2017

Simple: Russian Table Setting: pic.twitter.com/4vUoQM0ZjF

— Sir Michael Hfuhruhurr MP, OBE, BBC, CNBC, AWOL (@BanjoHfuhruhur) November 18, 2017

@IvankaTrumpHQ was flooded with jokes about the centerpiece, but, as Mashable pointed out, it's not her first brush with Twitter drama. In January, just after her father signed the executive order creating his initial travel ban, Trump shared a picture of herself and her husband wearing fancy clothes for an event. Users, including author John Green, responded with stories of refugees being turned away and children being detained at airports.

Then, in September, Trump tweeted a photo with her nephew, writing that cuddling him was "the best part of an otherwise incredible day." Model Chrissy Teigen corrected her, explaining that "'otherwise' implies you did not like hangin with this baby."

My reaction to Ivanka's centerpiece: pic.twitter.com/q82PRz4i96

— Maddie (@madbev14) November 18, 2017

Chief, it looks like a bloated corpse wrapped —

Never mind that. Ivanka says she needs it for the centerpiece. pic.twitter.com/QLGUViCN2B

— yesthatkarim (@yesthatkarim) November 18, 2017

Okay, but where does the FOOD go??? That centerpiece is literally the whole table. I don't go to Thanksgiving for the decor, Ivanka. https://t.co/A7iZeMTmWs

— Maris Wilson (@MarisKWilson) November 18, 2017

Maybe Trump's centerpiece was a cry for help as her family is investigated for its potential collusion with Russia to meddle in the 2016 election. Maybe it was a bid to raise her approval ratings, given that a CNN poll from earlier this year showed that Trump had a 41 percent favorable/41 percent unfavorable rating. Or maybe it was just an ugly centerpiece.

In any case, it's nice to read about something not related to the end of the world for a change. Happy Thanksgiving.