In Direct Contrast With Her Father, Ivanka Trump Doesn't Think the Whistleblower's Identity Is Relevant

In a new interview with The Associated Press, Ivanka Trump stated that she wasn't focused on uncovering the name of the anonymous Ukraine whistleblower. Her position presented a stark contrast to that of her father, President Donald Trump, and his supporters, who have continuously attempted to mark the identity of the intelligence professional who set the impeachment inquiry in motion. In the interview, Ivanka said the whistleblower's identity was "not particularly relevant."

Newsweek has not verified the identity of the whistleblower.

In the interview, Trump mainly questioned "intent and motivation," rather than the whistleblower's identity, a position that echoed many on the right who pointed to a series of 2017 tweets by the alleged whistleblower's lawyer that proclaimed "a coup has started," as Fox News reported.

"That person's identity is known. It's all over the internet," the White House aide continued, repeating a point her brother, Donald Trump Jr., made Thursday during an appearance on The View.

Trump also stood by the transcript of the phone call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and the president released by the White House. When the interviewer asserted that the transcript was not complete, she responded, "This is protocol. This is standard operation procedure for the National Security Council." She also said the whistleblower "shouldn't be a substantive part of the conversation, because this is a third party, who was not privy to the call and did not have firsthand information."

Ivanka Trump Whistleblower
In an interview with The Associated Press, Ivanka Trump offered a different viewpoint from the president. She felt that the CIA whistleblower's identity is irrelevant. Ron Jenkins/Getty

While she did not find the whistleblower's identity important, Trump did say that she agrees with the president that the impeachment inquiry is an effort in "overturning the results of the 2016 election." Despite her disapproval of the congressional exercise, Trump told the AP that such attempts were par for the course. "Since the election, this has been the experience that our administration and our family has been having," she said. She also added that the Trump administration is unfazed by the efforts.

"To us, it's really been like this from the beginning. We are totally laser-focused on putting wins on the board for the American people."

Trump went on to compare her father to Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. "This is not a new experience for my father. This has been the experience of most," she said before referencing a biography of Jefferson. "Abraham Lincoln was famously, even within his own cabinet, surrounded by people who were former political adversaries," she continued, calling the situation a "norm." "History tends to repeat itself," Trump concluded.

Trump also insisted that the 2020 election should be the focus instead of the impeachment inquiry. "Rather than wait, under a year, until the people can decide for themselves based on his record and based on his accomplishments, this new effort has commenced," she said.