Jack in the Box Calls Out McDonald's Over Broken Ice Cream Machines

Jack in the Box has called out rival chain McDonald's by poking fun at their seemingly always-broken ice cream machines on TikTok.

Two days ago, July 14, Jack in the Box posted a TikTok video showing a McDonald's chain, with the iconic golden arches covered with a "Censored" sign. "We heard someone's ice cream machine was broken," they wrote on the screen. "Can't relate but good luck."

The person filming then showed a Jack in the Box milkshake to the camera. The video was captioned with the text: "Broke ice cream machine? Never heard of that at Jack in the Box. Slide thru besties, we've gotchu covered with shakes and desserts."

McDonald's ice cream machines have become a running joke among customers, who often find that the restaurants are unable to serve ice cream due to them being out-of-action, ruling out 60% of the dessert menu.

According to investigations, McDonald's ice cream machines go through vigorous cleaning routines that can take up to hours, along with a nightly four-hour heat clean to rid of bacteria. During this time, the machine is out of service.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the machines are simply old and temperamental too, making them prone to breaking down. Richard Adams, a consultant to McDonald's franchisees, told WSJ that a survey he once conducted showed that 25 percent of McDonald's restaurants weren't selling ice cream because the machines were broken.

The machines are produced by a company called Taylor and a report by Wired in April found that the company does not provide information on the inner workings of them to McDonald's, meaning that when a machine is broken, approved distributors have to provide the repairs themselves, adding more time to the process.


Broken ice cream machine? Never heard of that at Jack in the Box…💅😌 Slide thru besties we’ve gotchu covered with shakes & desserts #jackinthebox

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In just two days the video has gained over 150,000 views, but it's not the only recent McDonald's call-out the brand has performed. On the same day, Jack in the Box weighed in on a viral TikTok video joking about the ice cream machines.

@williamkelly_ poked fun at two powerhouses in the video: McDonald's and the Fast & Furious franchise. In the clip, he played a customer who ordered three ice creams, only to be told the machine was broken.

When he said he wanted them for his family, the worker becomes Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto, who promises to fix the machine. Toretto is often ridiculed for his obsession with highlighting the importance of family in the Fast & Furious movies.

"Unfortunately, not even family is strong enough to fix their machines," commented the official Jack in the Box TikTok account.

"Yo, you guys and the Wendy's people would get along well," wrote one viewer. "The who? Never heard of them."

Just like Jack in the Box, Wendy's has used its social media accounts to take aim at McDonald's, among other fast-food chains, in the past.

In 2020, Wendy's responded to a follower sharing a picture of a McDonald's delivery truck asking what they call it. "Is it a garbage truck?" responded Wendy's.

While in 2018, they also called McDonald's out for using frozen beef after the company announced they would be using fresh beef in its quarter pounders. "So you'll still use frozen beef in MOST of your burgers in ALL of your restaurants?" they tweeted.

Newsweek contacted McDonald's for comment.

McDonald's and Jack in the Box logos
Jack in the Box and McDonald's signage outside chain restaurants. Getty Images