Jack In The Box Worker Hailed a 'Hero' for Giving Woman Entire Box of Ranch Dressing

A Jack-in-the-Box worker has been dubbed a "hero" after a viral video showed a customer receiving a whole cardboard box-full of Ranch dressing with her food.

The customer had requested a "gross amount" of Ranch, expecting just a few more than normal, but received an estimated 140 sauces.

Receiving so many sauces has shocked many to say the least with so many constant online jokes surrounding the apparent stingy nature regarding sauces demonstrated by fast-food restaurant.

"I just stopped at Jack In The Box to get four tacos and asked for a gross amount of Ranch," said Beth. "The guy comes back to the window and hands me this box."

Beth showed a large cardboard box lined to the top with Ranch dips. "What am I gonna do with all this," she said while laughing.

Despite worries that the worker may lose his job, Jack In The Box was seemingly okay with the gesture, as the official TikTok commented: "Make sure you keep it refrigerated," along with laughing emojis.

Replies to the video ranged from workers claiming that Jack In The Box instructs workers to essentially give as many sauces as the customer requests, to customers claiming that they've been charged for extra sauces in the past.

"That is a true hero," commented one TikTok user.

The video, which has garnered 3.9 million views, can also be seen in full here.

This move by Jack In The Box is vastly different to that of many other fast-food restaurants which instead find themselves the butt of online jokes about restricting sauces.

It's hard to put a number on just how many sauces each restaurant gives out, with no official clarification online, and stores often having their own rules because they are franchised.

McDonald's describes itself on its website as "a premier franchising company around the world," with 90 percent of U.S. restaurants owned and operated by franchisees. This means it is essentially up to individual owners to decide whether to charge for sauces or not. However, some meals do come with sauces in every location including Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Selects.

Most locations seem to give a few sauces per meal, and will charge for any extra. According to one McDonald's manager, via Quora: "A 20 piece comes with 3 sauces according to the register, however many locations will give you 4 if you ask. If you ask for 5 you run the risk of them adding on a charge."

One alleged worker claimed on Reddit that a six-piece Chicken McNuggets will come with one sauce, a 10-piece will have two and a 20-piece comes with three.

Similarly, Burger King also operates with franchises meaning there's no one rule that applies, though there appears to be a general similarity between restaurants.

One alleged Burger King worker on Reddit claimed to give two sauces for a 10-piece chicken nugget meal, charging a quarter per sauce for any more.

In May, Chick-fil-A even put a limit on how many sauces they can give out to customers, amid a national sauce shortage for the company.

According to the New York Post, an email sent by the restaurant chain, customers were limited to one sauce per entrée, two sauces per meal or three sauces per 30-piece chicken nuggets.

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