'Jackass' Cast Answers Internet's Burning Questions on 'Jackass Forever'

The cast of the newest comedy film Jackass Forever answered the internet's burning questions about more films, memorable stunts, and more.

Original Jackass alum, Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius, took to Reddit's popular "AsMeAnything" forum with over 21 million members to respond to user's questions.

The absurd yet extremely comedic movies that make up Jackass follows Knoxville and his group of friends doing extremely dangerous stunts. The new film features new members of the cast, "do not try this at home" activities, and celebrity guest appearances. The new addition to the Jackass franchise arrives to theaters on Friday, February 4th.

u/mellythecanelly asked what the future holds for the cast and if there could be any new Jackass content over the next few years.

"Half ass stunt men are terrible long term planners, so I'm not sure what the future hold but we will definitely do things together," u/Jackassworld replied. "As for another Jackass, who knows...we could do one, we could not do one. But there is a possibility - JK & CP"

u/Shelby71 wondered if any stunt scared Knoxville or Pontius enough to back out.

"No for both of us," Knoxville answered. "One day we both collectively decided not to do a stunt when we were going to go down a ski slope in Donner's Pass," he wrote. "There was a negative feeling on set since someone had died on the slope that day. When there is a feeling of negativity associated with a stunt, we decide to not continue with it."

Within the replies, u/snapekillseddard said, "It's good to know every Jackass stunt is preceded by a vibe check."

u/Callofsloth asked, "What careers do you think you guys would have ended up in if Jackass didn't take off?"

Knoxville believed that he would be working a minimum wage job with the possibility of doing jail time. Pontius, however, believed he would be working at a magazine.

"What's a stunt that seems unassuming but caused the most problems/injuries?" u/ToasterDispencer asked.

"On Wildboyz, this gaucho pulled me from the horse and my ankle was stuck in the stirrup and gave me a small fracture all because this little man was jealous of my relationship with the steed," Pontius recalled.

Wildboyz was an early 2000's show that featured Pontius and another Jackass alum, Steve-O, and their adventurous show about interacting with wild animals.

"I had to go to the hospital once when me and another cast member ran at a tree with the pole from the pole vault," Knoxville said. "I was on one end, the cast member was on the other and we wanted to see what would happen running into the tree full speed. Well...I ripped the webbing of my hand and had to get 20 stitches. Sometimes you get hurt on the small stunts."

"What stunt they regret the most as well as their favorite," u/Loovian wrote.

Pontius took the lead saying, "The stunt I regret doing the most is the glove of bullet ants. That was the most dreadful thing I've done. I don't regret the bullet ants, because it made me become a man."

Knoxville regrets no stunt adding, "My favorite stunt is when Ryan Dunn put the toy car up his butt in Jackass 1."

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Johnny Knoxville
Pictured above, "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville attends the "Baby2Baby" Gala in Los Angeles, California on November 9th, 2019. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images