Jaclyn Hill Addresses Moldy Lipstick Accusations: 'I F***ed Up'

Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill may be this month's controversial beauty YouTuber. On the coattails of the James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook fiasco, Hill debuted her independent makeup line "Jaclyn" and was quickly shot down by accusations of putting out expired, moldy products.

Hill is one of the most prevalent members of YouTube's beauty community. With nearly 6 million subscribers and a wickedly successful Morphe eyeshadow palette, the 28-year-old is most known for her tutorials and makeup reviews.

While Hill does have a loyal fanbase, many of those admirers seemed to turn adversarial in recent days amid reports and pictures of lipsticks that contained what appeared to mold and hair. Since the backlash against her lipstick line, the beauty guru published a video Wednesday addressing the accusations.

"I'm not going to run away from this," Hill said toward the beginning of her video. "I know it's taken me a couple of days to get all my ducks in a row and get this video out to you guys, but I have been going through all the documentation, on the phone with labs, chemists, the owner of my lab and my entire team for several days to do a very in-depth investigation to figure out exactly what's going on so I give you the most informed information."

First delving into the accusations that Hill's lipstick line was expired, moldy or hazardous in any way, she provided various forms of documentation "so you all can see proof."

"Let's started with the expire accusation," Hill said to the camera. "My lipsticks did not go into mass production until the same month that I launched my brand (May 2019)."

Hill's makeup brand has gone through plenty of setbacks prior to the official launch in May. She noted in her video that she had issues with another lab during the mass production phase of her makeup line previously and had to "cancel them."

"I had to go to a whole new lab because I didn't want those issues to happen again," the beauty guru noted. "I tried to cover my tracks; I f***ed up but [my products] are not expired."

Moving on to a different accusation, Hill went into explaining what the reported "black dots" were that consumers were suspecting to be mold.

"These black dots are actually oxygen bubbles and they are being lifted to the surface when my lipstick bullet is being cooled off," Hill claimed. "It's not mold, it's oxygen. It's 100 percent safe, it is not going to hurt you but seeing those dots is not pretty."

Following her explanation of the black dots in her product, Hill went on to address arguably the most damaging accusation: allegedly contaminated products.

Many customers complained on social media that they were seeing "white fuzzies" or "full-length hairs" in their lipsticks. While Hill didn't directly address the alleged human-like hair some said they found in her products, she went on to explain the white fuzz came from "white cotton gloves."

@Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics These are the lipsticks that I just received from nude mood trio that I just received today & which I ordered the day of the release .there is a black hair in one and many white fibers at the end of one of the labials bsd to have come without a tip! pic.twitter.com/68urmv6O2S

— Gina Beauty Makeup (@ginabeautymakup) June 13, 2019

"Because my lipstick component is a shiny, metal-like material, my lab decided to use white cotton gloves [to avoid] smears on the component or have, in any way, prints on it," she explained. "This is so beyond unacceptable and I'm so sorry this has happened to you guys."

"For obvious reasons, we will no longer be making any more products with this lab because that is just not what you guys deserve," Hill added. "Let me just say this, it is not harmful to you, it is just white cotton fuzzies from a sterile environment."

She concluded: "In the future, if you choose not to be a Jaclyn Cosmetics customer, even if you lose trust in me, that's okay. I promised you guys all-around-the-board perfect products and not all of them were all-around-the-board perfect products, so I get it."

Hill continued: "I'm going to work very hard and very diligently to make sure that, within the next couple of months or year, you're going to look at my brand and say, 'Oh wow, this actually is good. She actually corrected her error and she learned from her mistakes.'"

Despite her explanations, many people weren't convinced. In the comment section, some viewers demanded that Hill recall her products and weren't impressed with her apology.

"People will have more respect for you if you recall them all and admit you messed up," one viewer wrote.

"I have never seen ANY other people who have launced new lipsticks have this issue," YouTube user Ragz added. "You're telling your customers to use contaminated products. UNBELIVABLE. The NERVE!!!

"So quantity over quality, got it, queen," another user wrote.

If you are having any issues with your Jaclyn Cosmetics products in any way, Hill asks you to contact her team at help@jaclyncosmetics.com, with a picture of your damaged product, and you will receive a full refund plus brand-new lipstick.

Jaclyn Hill
American YouTube personality Jaclyn Hill visits Build Series to discuss Morphe 'Jaclyn Hill Palette' at Build Studio on July 17, 2018 in New York City. Getty/Desiree Navarro