Will There Be a 'Jailbirds' Season 2? Fans Beg Netflix For More After Massive Cliffhanger

Netflix only just released the prison reality series Jailbirds, and viewers are already asking for more. Twitter users who loved the show have commented on the possibility of a follow-up, hoping to watch the inmates continue their lives inside Sacramento County Jail.

The reality series looks inside the relationships formed in a women's prison, as male inmates in the floors above communicate with the women through toilets. From romantic beginnings to breakups and even marriage, Jailbirds Season 1 served up a unique angle on life behind bars.

Fans online proposed a handful of plot points they'd like to see, including explaining whether Katrina and Dolla are together on the outside—they may not be, which Newsweek explained here. Others wanted to know the resolution of that shocking cliffhanger, and if Baby Girl has fought her sister yet.

So will there be a second season of Jailbirds? It's too soon to tell. Season 1 released May 10, and typically, it takes a year or more for a Netflix television series to be planned and filmed. Netflix declined to comment to Newsweek about the possibility of a Season 2.

Some Netflix shows have seen incredible turnaround times, like Queer Eye, who released two seasons in its first year, but others take upwards of two years to film and edit.

Another consideration for a second season of Jailbirds is that many of the original cast members may be freed by the time filming begins. We know some of the cast members are still in the Sacramento County Jail, like Noonie, Baby Girl and Tayler, but others have completed their sentences. Dolla and Katrina are still out of prison, as is Jay.

It's possible that some inmates may return to prison. One Season 1 inmate, Megan Hawkins, known as Monster, has already returned. She was arrested last week while driving a stolen vehicle after trying to open a bank account with someone else's identity. She was recognized by the bank teller, who had watched Jailbirds. Monster is back in the same prison, according to CBS Sacramento.