Video of Jake Hoffman Dodging Questions Over Fake Trump Electors Viewed 1M Times

A video of Arizona Representative Jake Hoffman dodging questions about his involvement in signing a letter that falsely stated Arizona voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election has gone viral.

Photojournalist Aaron Kurtz asked Hoffman a question regarding the letter, on behalf of 12 News' Brahm Resnik, on Tuesday. Hoffman dismissed the question and walked away.

He was then approached by Richard Ruelas of the Arizona Republic who continued this line of questioning regarding what Hoffman's role was in signing and distributing the letter.

Resnik shared the incident to his Twitter page and the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times.

He captioned the video: "New in Arizona, journalism can be a team sport.

"GOP State Rep. Jake Hoffman refused to answer 12News photojournalist's question (which I provided) re why he signed a phony declaration in 2020 that Arizona electors voted for Trump.

"Watch as AZRepublic's Richard Ruelas follows up."

"When Brahm wants to ask a real question, I'm happy to have a conversation with him," Hoffman can be heard saying at the start of the video.

Ruelas is then seen confronting Hoffman and asking him: "What authority did you find yourself as an elector?"

"So in unprecedented times, unprecedented action has occurred. There is no case law, there is no precedent that exists as to whether or not an election that is currently being litigated on in the courts, has due standing," Hoffman replied.

He added: "Which is why we felt it appropriate to provide Congress and the vice president dueling opinions."

Hoffman was then asked whether he was given direction or advice from anyone on this and whether there was a wider plan at play.

He responded by saying he was only one of the electors and was not in charge of them, adding that the journalist's questions should be directed at the party chair.

Ruelas then repeatedly asked Hoffman how he heard about the plan, to which he repeated his previous answer that the reporter would have to ask the party chair.

Ruelas pressed the representative for more details and argued that he would have received a call at some point regarding the plan.

He added: "Ask [the party chair] how you got a phone call? Did you not know how you arrived at a place?"

Hoffman then said he appreciated the questions and attempted to end the interview by turning and walking in the other direction. Ruelas followed the representative and began to ask him another question, however.

Newsweek has contacted Hoffman for comment.

On his Twitter post, Resnik also shared a picture of the fake documents that were signed.

He captioned the image: "The docs, here is a bogus declaration signed 12/14/20 by Arizona's 11 Trump electors, including Hoffman.

"US Senate candidate Jim Lamon also signed On the same day, top AZ Senate Republican announced he'd subpoena Maricopa Country's election equipment for an audit."

Jake Hoffman
Screengrab from a 12 News video. Jake Hoffman avoided answering a question on signing fake electors letter 12 News

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