YouTuber Jake Paul Criticized For Tweeting 'Anxiety is Created by You'

YouTuber Jake Paul is facing criticism after an apparent motivational Twitter message, in which he tweeted "anxiety is created by you," appeared to backfire on Monday.

Paul wrote on Monday: "Remember anxiety is created by you

"Sometimes you gotta let life play out and remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come."

The tweet, which since appears to have been deleted, continued: "Chill your mind out

"Go for a walk

"Talk to a friend."

But the message quickly earned scorn and ridicule, with Twitter users calling Paul out over insensitive advice on complex mental health issues.

"All of us are gettin cured of our anxiety disorders from jake paul's tweet tonight... honestly a revolutionary moment," wrote one person.

"I really can't believe in 2020 we have Jake Paul of all people telling the masses that mental illness isn't real. I need a nap," said another Twitter user.

"If Jake Paul and my anxiety were drowning and i could only save one, I'd save jake paul, because my anxiety is all in my head & i can just go outside and take a walk," added yet another person.

In defense of his post, Paul, 23, tweeted Monday night: "Everyone clowning my tweet but it's now spreading more awareness about anxiety which i didn't even know was a thing till I was 18 but had it my whole life & never knew how to deal with it."

Earlier on Monday, the YouTube star, who has 3.7 million followers on Twitter and nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube, had retweeted various suicide intervention hotlines to his fans.

Paul, whose older brother is YouTuber Logan Paul, has made headlines in recent weeks following his separation from internet personality Tana Mongeau in early January.

In an Instagram post announcing the split, Paul shared a photo of himself and Mongeau, along with their dog Thor, and wrote: "As Tana and I sit next to each other writing captions about taking a break we're literally laughing at how crazy and stupid the past couple months have been and cracking jokes at how silly this all seems. I'm keeping custody of Thor but Tana unfortunately gets my Lamborghini."

Paul continued: "I wouldn't change anything that happened.. we're best friends and right now it's best for us to focus on our lives & see what the future holds. (p.s our friends started playing sad music while we were writing these captions and we all started laughing our asses off.. this is bitter sweet but it's what's best for us right now) the last thing we wanna see is fan pages speculating 'what happened' we truly just need a second to focus on our own lives and ourselves. luv u mongeau <3"

Jake Paul
Jake Paul during the weigh-in for Miami Fight Night on January 29, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Paul will fight AnEsonGib in a match at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami on January 30. Eric Espada/Getty