Jake Paul and Erika Costell Officially Split: Was Shane Dawson to Blame?

YouTuber Jake Paul and his girlfriend Erika Costell have officially broken up. In a statement on Twitter, the younger Paul vlogger said the pair "broke up awhile ago" and "it became apparent to [them] weeks ago that we could no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend."

Costell was originally Jake's assistant. After his tumultuous on-screen relationship with Alissa Violet fell apart, the two decided to date. In a 2017 interview with The New York Times, Jake said his relationship with Costell was fake; however, in Shane Dawson's "The Mind of Jake Paul" YouTube documentary he said that the two are currently a real couple. It's unclear if the couple was still together when the series was released or if it was a catalyst to the relationship's demise.

The internet rumor mill has been swirling about the pair's break-up for the past few weeks. On Monday, DramaAlert posted a video claiming to have evidence that Jake slept with another woman thus causing the break-up. Keemstar, host of the drama channel, claims the woman was Instagram model Nikki Banner. In the background of one of her photos, you can see the Team 10 van in the background. Banner told DramaAlert that her and Jake did hook-up, but it was after the relationship with Costell was ended.

Fans have been flocking to Twitter to share their feelings about the breakup. Many seem to have accepted that these internet celebrities may no longer be together, while others are still trying to process their heart-break.

@jakepaul @erikacostell I supports you guys together and as individuals 😭fully crying 🥰I love you!!♥️

— charl 💜 (@thankfullforjo) November 7, 2018

@jakepaul and @erikacostell I don't want to be an annoying fan but are you guys still friends? Cause it honestly would hurt my heart if you guys weren't. But obviously it's none of my business and you don't really have to care if it hurts my heart. But I Love you both sm 💜

— Natasha (@tragic_natasha) November 7, 2018

Jake isn't the only Paul brother currently in the news for relationship troubles. The older Paul, Logan, recently ended his relationship with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet. The pair have remain mum on social media about the split, but sources have told Entertainment Weekly that "their lives are not compatible right now."