Iowa Mayor, Husband Nabbed in 4:20 p.m. Marijuana Bust During Pursuit of Alleged Attempted Shooter

Acting on tip that a wanted teenage shooter was hiding in the residence of Jamaica, Iowa, Mayor LaDonna Kennedy, Guthrie County Sheriff Marty Arganbright and a team of his deputies approached the house. But when they arrived at 4:20 p.m. on Thursday, they were smelled the "overwhelming odor of raw marijuana."

Rodney Halterman, 18, had been on the lam for almost a week since he allegedly shot a 19-year-old bystander in the chest during a party at a home in nearby Story County.

Halterman wasn't in the Kennedys' home, but 18 marijuana plants and other drug items were, according to an affidavit reviewed by Newsweek.

"When we went to the residence," the Guthrie County deputy's account reads, "I could all smell the overwhelming odor of raw marijuana coming from the residence while we stood outside knocking on the door."

As they waited for an answer, "Sheriff Arganbright stated he saw someone come to the window and then close it again," the affidavit states.

A search warrant was authorized and other law enforcement details arrived to surround the home. Before the warrant was executed, the affidavit suggests that the mayor's husband came outside "and was detained."

In an attempt to retrieve his coat, the pungent pot odor wafted in the air and, the affidavit states, Randy Kennedy then "admitted there were nine plants in the basement."

Nine other plants, nine baggies filled with marijuana (roughly "4 to 5 ounces") and bottle of the sedative Lorazepam were found.

Drug paraphernalia was also discovered, and the authorities state in the affidavit that the purpose of them was for "marijuana growing, sorting, packaging."

Both Randy and LaDonna Kennedy were taken to the county jail and charged with manufacture with intent to deliver marijuana, multiple counts of failure to affix a drug stamp, keeping a dwelling for processing or selling a controlled substance, and for possession, the authorities confirmed.

The Kennedys were held on $18,300 bond and then granted release on their own recognizance by a magistrate.

Newsweek attempted to reach the Kennedys. A message left on a voicemail at the couples' home was not immediately returned.

One of the Kennedys' neighbors believes that the pot growing charges shouldn't mark the end to a leader who has "done quite a bit for this town." He also said Randy is good at cutting down damaged or diseased trees.

Retired welder Issac Moore lives near the mayor and supports her for bringing in a compliance officer to rid the town of decay. "Like, she's good at getting things done," Moore attested. "She should just hang in there because she's never done anything messed up before that I've seen."

While the Kennedys were being processed for the pot charges, the pursuit for the alleged shooter Rodney Halterman didn't stop.

The initial shooting took place on January 12 when Ames Police Department investigators were alerted at about 4:20 p.m. to a 19-year-old woman being treated for a gunshot wound to the chest.

"We were informed by her that she was shot by Mr. Halterman," Ames Police Cmdr. Jason Tuttle told Newsweek.

Tuttle said that Halterman and "another male" engaged in a fight. Halterman then allegedly brought a gun to the home and "pointed it at the male," he said.

But the alleged target managed to wrestle with the gun-toting teen, and a round was fired that ended up striking the woman "who had no part of the altercation," Tuttle confirmed.

Halterman then fled.

On Thursday, Tuttle said just before the Kennedys had been caught with cannabis, a call came from Green County Sheriff's Department that they had found Halterman "inside a rural" residence.

The whereabouts of the gun that Halterman allegedly fired remain unknown.

"We have not located that," Tuttle added.

It wasn't until after local outlets reported on the Kennedys' arrest that Ames authorities learned of the ties to their pursuit of Halterman.

He is expected to be charged with attempted murder and possibly other charges. It's unclear if he has retained an attorney.

Iowa Mayor, Husband Nabbed in 4:20 p.m. Marijuana Bust During Pursuit of Alleged Attempted Shooter | U.S.