Watch: James Comey Recalls Terrifying Moment Rapist Held Him at Gunpoint

Taking a dark turn on a trip down memory lane, James Comey recalled a harrowing encounter with a predator dubbed the "Ramsey Rapist" while appearing in a CNN town hall on Wednesday evening.

Comey told the audience that he was at home on a Friday night "writing a literary magazine piece" when the predator, a known criminal in Bergen County, New Jersey, burst through the front door of Comey's home, looking for his sister. After finding out that the sister was not home, Comey—who was only 15 at the time of the attack—said the predator instead took him and his younger brother "captive."

"At one point, lying us down on my parents' bed and just pointing the guns at the back of our heads...I thought he was going to execute us."

Comey said the two boys briefly escaped through the bathroom window, but were caught trying to leave. The boys only found safety after a neighbor and his dog confronted the predator, giving the two boys enough time to take shelter with butcher knives inside the family home.

"I thought about the Ramsey Rapist every night before I went to bed for five years," Comey said, recalling sleeping with a weapon.

Comey told Anderson Cooper that the experience imbued him with the ability to empathize with victims, a skill he said later informed his approach toward investigating crimes.

The former FBI director has been on a roving media tour to promote his memoir, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. Released on April 17, the book has already become a best-seller and a headline grabber for its scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump's administration.

Aside from writing that Trump is "morally unfit" to be president, the former FBI director, who was fired on May 9, 2017, recalled details about president's "orange" skin and needled Trump about the size of his hands.

"His face appeared slightly orange…with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles, and impressively coifed, bright blond hair, which upon close inspection looked to be all his..." Comey wrote in the book. "As he extended his hand, I made a mental note to check its size. It was smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so."

He also writes that Trump is a "serial liar."

"The Republican Party, as near as I can tell, reflects now entirely Donald Trump's values," Comey said. "It doesn't reflect values at all. It's transactional, it's ego-driven, it's in service to his ego."

In response, the president has blasted the FBI director on Twitter. The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, has paid for a smear campaign against the tome, establishing the website to discredit the former FBI director.

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Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill June 8, 2017 in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images