Comey Memos Full Text: Trump Allegedly Discussed Putin, Russian Prostitutes, Clinton Investigation

Less than an hour after being declassified for Congress, the memos former FBI director James Comey kept after his meetings with President Donald Trump leaked to the Associated Press. The memos detail various meetings with Trump, both in person and over the phone, and go into great detail about conversations between the two before Trump ultimately fired Comey.

In the memos, Comey paints Trump as gravely concerned about what he called "that golden shower thing," unproven allegations that the president was involved with prostitutes in his Moscow hotel room. The president vehemently denied these accusations but at one point did say that Russian president Vladimir Putin told him that Russia had "beautiful" hookers.

The president also spoke of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying he had "reservations" about him, while also calling Flynn a "good guy."

In the memos, Trump is said to have described the Russia investigation as a dark "cloud" hanging over his head and preventing him from implementing his policy agenda.

Read the full text of the memos below.