James Holzhauer Wins 30th Jeopardy Game: How Close is He to Record Winnings?

Only one player in the history of Jeopardy! has won more regular-season games and won more money than current champion James Holzhauer, who won his 30th-consecutive game on Wednesday.

His total of $69,033 on Wednesday brings his 30-day total winnings to $2,323,971. Only Ken Jennings has won more games (74) and still holds the career winnings at $2,520,700.

Holzhauer now sits $196,730 away from breaking the career earnings record, and he's on pace to break it by next week as he's averaging $77,000 per game. If he hits average, Holzhauer would break the record of regular-season winnings on Monday, June 3, 2019. However, Holzhauer holds the top-10 spots in daily winnings, having eclipsed the $100,000 mark six times, and three other times he has won more than $90,000. So winning it by this Friday isn't completely out of the question.

The Jeopardy! prowess of Holzhauer and Jennings is quite remarkable when considering how far they lead the rest of the pack on the respective top-10 lists. For example, behind Holzhauer in consecutive wins is Julia Collins, who is third with 20-consecutive victories in 2014. David Madden, who won 19 games in 2005, is third all time in regular-season winnings with $4390,400, according to the Jeopardy! website, which has a separate page that tracks Holzhauer's current progress, and past champions who give remarks about him.

Holzhauer on Wednesday cruised to his 30th win — like so many of his previous 29 — by building a giant lead over his opponents. He had won $43,914 going into Final Jeopardy, and his bid of $25,119 for the topic of 19th Century Novels would have been enough to grant him first place had he gotten the answer wrong and the next opponent doubled their earnings.

But as he always does, Holzhauer nailed the Final Jeopardy clue when he correctly wrote: What is Frankenstein?

Holzhauer, a professional sports better from Las Vegas, said Wednesday the most money he's ever lost on one wager was $20,000, and he confessed to longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek on Tuesday that he feared his hot streak on Jeopardy! might get him banned from entering casinos in the future.

On Thursday, Holzhauer will face Washington, D.C. librarian Megan Browndorf, and Rob Wolf, a family doctor from Newark, Delaware.Two attorneys await on Friday for whomever wins Thursday's game.

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