Jane the Bride? 'Jane the Virgin' Spoilers Show Wedding and Jane's Final Pick

It's hard to image Jane Villanueva getting married right now, after Wednesday's episode of Jane the Virgin showed her barely choosing between Rafael and Michael. But a wedding may be in the cards, according to new spoilers leaked Wednesday from the cast's final day on set.

The lead character of The CW's hit dramedy has been through a lot. Most recently, she mourned the loss of her husband, found out he's alive with amnesia, and was later shocked when Michael regained his memory. But it seems things may finally turn around for Jane.

A series of photos surfaced online Wednesday of Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, wearing a wedding dress on set. In matching suits were Rafael and Jane's father, Rogelio. This led some to think Jane will marry Rafael. What this means for Michael is uncertain.

Some fans disagree with the idea that Rafael will be marrying Jane, considering a photo posted by Justin Baldoni, who plays Rafael, of Rafael sitting in the wedding audience. In the photo, Rafel is sitting next to his sister, Louisa. Baldoni used the photo to celebrate the last day on set. "What a ride. Endings are bittersweet," he wrote.

TMZ also released a series of photos from the wedding shoot in Los Angeles, and are confident Rafael is the groom.

Another clue may be found in Brett Dier's silence. Dier, who played Michael on the show, did not post anything about the series on Wednesday. Most members of the cast celebrated their last day filming the wedding scene, and posting a series of Instagram photos and videos to capture their last moments. Dier, however, was seemingly absent from all cast photos and videos, and did not post his own. Instead, Dier's last post was on April 10, and featured a filmed fight he had with Baldoni.

Rodriguez shared two photos of the final day. One was of herself with a bottle of champagne. The star clarified not only was it the final day on set, but it was the 100th episode. "And that's a wrap on Jane," wrote Rodriguez. "100 Episodes. Sending so much love to all the Jane warriors who made our show thrive for all these years! We love you."

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