Senate Intelligence Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Russia Meetings: Report

Jared Kushner with Donald Trump and Steve Bannon
Jared Kushner, center, with President Donald Trump (L) and chief strategist Steve Bannon during a swearing-in ceremony for senior staff at the White House on January 22. Carlos Barria/Reuters

A senate committee to set to question Donald Trump's son in law and advisor Jared Kushner over alleged ties to Russia, according to reports.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, wants to grill Kushner about meetings with the Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, the New York Times reported.

The White House spokesman told CNN that Kushner would voluntarily speak to the committee, given his role as " the official primary point of contact with foreign governments and officials," during Trump's presidential campaign and transition. The statement said Kushner had not yet received confirmation of a meeting.

The White House had previously only acknowledged one meeting between Kushner and Kislyak in early December, but Hope Hicks, a White House spokesperson, confirmed more engagements in an interview, according to the New York Times. These were a second meeting that Kislyak requested but Kushner asked a deputy to attend, and a meeting between Kushner and Sergey N. Gorkov, the chief of government-owned Vnesheconombank.

Hicks told the paper that nothing of consequence was discussed in the meetings and that they went nowhere.

"He [Kushner] isn't trying to hide anything and wants to be transparent," Hicks said.

If he is questioned, Kushner will become the first current White House employee to appear before the committee.