Jason Derulo Fight Prompts Tidal Wave of Memes, Jokes

Video has emerged of Jason Derulo getting into a brawl with two people in Las Vegas, after one of them swore at him and called him "Usher."

According to TMZ, Derulo was making his way through Sin City's ARIA Resort & Casino in the early hours of Tuesday when he took umbrage at the way he was addressed.

Footage on the website showed the "Swalla" singer and TikTok star making his way through the casino accompanied by a burly man as a crowd of onlookers watched and filmed him.

One patron was then heard yelling: "Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch," prompting Derulo to launch toward him while throwing punches before the brawl was broken up.

The people Derulo got into the altercation with have opted not to press charges against the singer, who was issued a trespassing notice from ARIA and removed from the property, TMZ reported.

Newsweek contacted representatives of Derulo, the Las Vegas Police Department and the ARIA Resort & Casino for comment.

In the hours since the video footage was shared by TMZ, a host of memes and jokes have flooded Twitter, as social media users shared their takes on the incident.

TV host Speedy Morman shared a previous interview with Derulo, during which he stated in no uncertain terms that he has a penchant for throwing punches.

"Bruh, I will literally knock you out," Derulo said in the clip. "Just because I sing and I enjoy myself more than the average person, I will literally knock you out…I'm not like these other singers—I'm not even like these other rappers. Like, I really fight."

Captioning the video, which has been viewed more than 110,000 times, Morman said: "I guess Jason Derulo wasn't lying..."

Rodger Sherman, of pop culture site The Ringer, wrote: "How could anybody mistake Jason Derulo for anybody else, he says his name every 8 seconds like a Pokemon."

Comedian J.D. Witherspoon suggested a new career in boxing for Derulo, commenting: "Jake Paul should fight Jason Derulo."

One Twitter user shared a post that read: "'Hey it's Usher,'" followed by their own portrayal of Derulo's reaction in an accompanying clip.

The video showed a furious Isaiah Stewart being held back as he charged across the basketball court after being elbowed in the face by LeBron James.

Also going the video route, another Twitter user posted a clip of Mexican soap star Eduardo Yáñez slapping a reporter on a red carpet.

"Jason Derulo when some dudes called him Usher," they wrote above the clip.

Meanwhile, another shared an image of a frowning Lois Griffin from the long-running animated hit Family Guy, comparing her reaction to Derulo's after he was referred to as Usher.

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo visits Miami for CATS Press Day on December 18, 2019, in Miami, Florida. The singer was seen getting into an altercation in a Las Vegas hotel and casino on January 4, 2022, after a patron was heard insulting him and referring to him as fellow singer Usher. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for CATS