Jason Schwartzman on the Worst Massage of His Life

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I was going out with a woman, as I often did, and maybe I seemed stressed out, but she decided to spoil me with a massage at a spa. Massages are things that I wouldn't ever think to get. I think I've only had five in my whole life. I told her, "I don't want to do this, I feel very uncomfortable, this is not relaxing to me." She said, "Listen, I love for you to be happy. Whatever happens today, just go with it."

So I go into the spa, there's very peaceful music, you see people walk by you in robes, and they look blissed out. I thought, "Oh God, this is just not right." I meet a woman who works there, and she tells me to put on a robe and to follow her into the massage chamber. I'm so tense during the massage, my knees are sweating. Did you know that kneecaps can sweat? Because I didn't.

All of a sudden she says, "You're done!" I'm so happy. It was like a roller coaster—once you've done it, you want to do it again. Then she says, "Your girlfriend bought you a whole spa package, and next is a sea-salt scrub." I make some terrible joke because I was super-cocky and really relaxed: "Well, I hope it's not too much salt, because I'm on a low-sodium diet." She ushers me into another room and standing there is a woman who says, "Hi, I'm Magna. Put these on, and I'll come back in," and she hands me a weird, very light ball of fabric.

She leaves and I go to put on this underwear, but they're a G-string, so I figure this can't be right. I take them off, and rotate them one click to the left. Now they are a G-string that's not covering much at all. So I get panicked and turn them over, and now it's a weird bathing suit that's covering part of my upper thigh. They're just not working. I go through every possible variation and finally I arrive at the idea that these just are a G-string, at which point, the echo of my girlfriend's voice comes into my head, saying, "Whatever happens, just go with it." So I put the blanket over me, and I said, "OK, I'm ready!" in a sing-songy voice. When she's about to begin coating me, I hear her start shaking with laughter.

She says, "I think you might have these on incorrectly. These aren't supposed to be a G-string." It's very embarrassing, when you're lying facedown in a massage parlor with a G-string on that's not really supposed to be one. I try to pretend like I did it on purpose, do a little wiggle with my waist, and say, "I know it's not a G-string. I just did it for youuuu." Then I closed my eyes, cursed myself silently, and kept saying to myself it's OK because I'm never going to see her again.

As I'm finishing the massage, she puts a Sharpie and a piece of paper in front of me, and says, "My daughter is your biggest fan. She has a very big online presence and the whole community is going to be so excited after I tell her that I massaged you today. Can you please sign this?" Of course, this is the last thing I want people to know, but I sign, "Dear Becky, it's not a G-string. Love, Jason." And that's my story for you, for Newsweek, for the world, forever.

To this day, I don't know how it's supposed to be worn, I guess I just missed some kind of hole. It still keeps me up at night. And I never saw my girlfriend again. We broke up. I know in the scale of massage stories, this one is on the tamer side, but that's just how some of us live our lives.

Interview By Kara Cutruzzula

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Embarrasses himself at a luxury spa in New York.


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