Javea, Spain: History Lesson and Summer Fun

A home to Roman fishermen in the second century B.C., this port town an hour's drive from Valencia offers a vivid history of the area's ancient occupation as well as a variety of fun summer activities.

Explore the narrow, winding streets of El Pueblo, Jávea's old quarter, which leads to the 14th-century Church of Sant Bartolomé, the city's geographic, spiritual and cultural center.

Climb the steep façade of Montgo Massif, 753 meters high, which offers spectacular views of Jávea's shoreline. Guides lead tours of the caverns and diverse flora.

Eat Valencian delicacies like saffron-rich seafood paella and jamón Serrano with melon and prawns in Armagnac at the acclaimed El Pósito restaurant, located in Jávea's lively port (34-96-579-3063).

Bask in the afternoon sun at La Granadella, Jávea's hidden gem of a beach, located far off the beaten touristy path between two of the town's southernmost capes, where snow-white sands compete with rocky grottoes.

Shop at El Arenal, Jávea's main beach, where local artisans set up stands to sell handmade jewelry, clothing and assorted crafts.