Jay Leno's Photoshop Disaster

Image: NBC

Retouched photos are a fact of life in the entertainment industry. But it's rare that you get something so shoddy from a respected source like NBC. The floating, poking hand isn't even touching Jay's face, and is of a completely different skin tone. And check out the jawline and shadows—we know Jay has a big head, but c'mon. It looks like his face was blown up, then transposed back onto tiny suit shoulders. In a bigger version of the pic, you can marvel at the liberal and oh-so-obvious application of the blur tool on his forehead and hand, where, our photo editors point out, all veins and age spots have been removed. (Either that or "it's a 30-year-old's hand," as one of them joked.)

The nagging question here is, why? The dude's a middle-aged comedian, not Kelly Clarkson. Who's not going to watch him if he has wrinkles? And who can believe there isn't a normal, fairly recent headshot of someone who's been on television for 27 years? (This promotional image, released specifically for his new show, was uploaded to NBC's publicity site Aug. 24.)