Jazmine Sullivan's Instagram Confessions Delight and Disgust Fans

Sometimes the internet is a place where people can anonymously confess to their darkest secrets without revealing their identity.

Today, such confessions are taking place on the Instagram stories of Jazmine Sullivan, and some of the secrets aren't for the faint of heart.

The Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter is using her Instagram stories as a platform for her followers to share their deepest secrets, which she reposts anonymously along with her own reactions.

The nature of some of the things shared has created a huge reaction among fans as people admit to brazen adultery, shameless money scams, embarrassing sex secrets and more.

The stories led to the "Need U Bad" hitmaker becoming a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday morning as social media users bask in the shamelessness of the Instagram confessions.

The 34-year-old singer asked her Instagram followers: "Tell me a secret you'll never tell your partner" and people aren't holding back.

Some choice responses read: "We renting in a house I bought 4 years ago, he doesn't know he just deposits the rent money every month."

"The time I broke into his house and he caught me wasn't the only time I had broken in," reads another.

One of the more shocking confessions reads: "I had seggs with both of her parents."

Nah, someone help me understand what the people on Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story got going on in life 😭🤭 pic.twitter.com/PPoTvHEXud

— Twinkle Tits ✨ (@im2nd2none) September 1, 2021

While another person confessed: "I think he's a little bit ugly like his mom and I'm glad we don't have kids together."

Another reads: "I can't stand his grandma whatsoever."

The confessions have reached Twitter, where fans are sharing their delight and disgust at the stories spilled by some people.

Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story is taking me under 😭 pic.twitter.com/AElNw2rUTB

— one arm on neck, one arm on frontal. (@moreaboutnyyyy) August 31, 2021

"Nah, someone help me understand what the people on Jazmine Sullivan's IG story got going on in life," reads one tweet along with some choice screenshots.

While another added: "Jazmine Sullivan's IG story is taking me under."

"Jazmine Sullivan's IG story is such a mess I'm dying. Her meme & music selection too perfect," said another.

Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story is such a mess I’m dying 💀😭😭😭 Her meme & music selection too perfect 🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/t0lzIo1Vbo

— Josh Sánchez (@joshnsanchez) September 1, 2021

While another joked: "These people on Jazmine Sullivan's story are going to HELL."

Sullivan rose to fame with her 2008 debut album "Fearless."

Most recently her song "Pick Up Your Feelings" was included on former President Barack Obama's 2021 summer playlist.

These people on Jazmine Sullivan’s story are going to HELL😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/IAJmR5jGoP

— soyoudoingthebending?? (@soulidtM) September 1, 2021

Last year, Sullivan announced that her mother Pam had been diagnosed with breast cancer and has used her platform to spread awareness ever since.

"After going through that with her, I wanted to help other women possibly not go through what we went through, or help them on the journey as they are going through [it]," she told Yahoo Life earlier this month.

"It is so crazy because I told my mom early on in her diagnosis that I believe that God was going to get her through this so that she can be a blessing to other people. So I'm so happy that I can do this and be a blessing—especially to Black women, because I love us."

Jazmine Sullivan
Singer-songwriter Jazmine Sullivan attends 2018 Black Girls Rock! at New Jersey Performing Arts Center on August 26, 2018, in Newark, New Jersey. Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty/WireImage