'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Fan Puzzle Guide - Open the Chest in the Ancient Sphere Room

After the Inquisitors sniff out Cal Kestis on the Imperial scrapyard planet of Bracca, the former Jedi Padawan joins up with a ship of rabblerousers determined to reunite the shattered Jedi Order. One of your first stops as Kestis in new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the planet of Bogano, where Kestis hopes to find a wise Jedi who might be of help on the adventure ahead. While exploring the canyon platforms and trenches of Bogano, you're likely come across a mysterious room with a golden orb in its center, cooled by spinning fans.

This early "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" puzzle can drive you mad. Lucasfilm / EA

Most tantalizing of all, across the fan room, perched on a high platform, is a chest, daring you to find a way up to it. Here's how to solve the puzzle of the fan room and claim the treasure chest for yourself.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Puzzle Guide: How To Open the Ancient Sphere Room Chest

Yes, you too will one day make it to this chest. Lucasfilm / EA

The room with the fans and the suspended golden orb is one of the earliest puzzles in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order where you can split off from the main pathway presented by the campaign and its objectives. Accessible via a narrow path of metal rebar, the fan room makes for an intriguing challenge early in the game—one you may find yourself determined to master. But here's the simple truth: you can't get that chest... yet.

You'll need to return to the Bogdo Sinkholes after learning more Force powers. Lucasfilm / EA

With its Metroidvania maps, Jedi: Fallen Order has many pathways, secrets and chests that will be unreachable until you've expanded your repertoire of Force powers, The room with the fans and the golden orb, however, looks more solvable than most impassable areas of Fallen Order. Part of the explanation is the wall of vines, which make it appear as if you should be able to jump over to the chest platform. But it's also because there's so many moving things to manipulate in the room. Once I learned to slow time with the Force (a prerequisite for gaining entry into the ancient sphere room), I tried everything: slowing the sphere, trying to slow each fan simultaneously or slowing fans in different sequences. But the ancient sphere simply isn't part of the puzzle. Instead, you'll need the ability to Force pull.

But there's still one thing you can do in this room early on in the game: make it across the shallow waters to the Jedi worktables on the room's far side, using your Force ability to slow time to halt the fan blades in your way. Here you'll find research notes from a Jedi studying the sphere to gain Force Essence, which brings you one third closer to upgrading your Force meter.

The Jedi Eno Cordova is fascinated by the past. Lucasfilm / EA

Anything beyond that discovery will have to wait for later in the game. Once you can Force pull, return to Bogano and make your way to the plateau adjacent to the room with the ancient sphere. If you're coming from the sphere room, look for an opportunity to wall run and grab vines to climb up to the plateau. Across the way, you'll see an inaccesible platform, which can be lowered with the help of a Force pull. Lower it.

The entrance to the ancient sphere room to the left and the pathway you'll need to open on the right. Lucasfilm / EA

Now you should be directly above the room with the fans and the ancient sphere. There are a handful of Bog rats and Splox up here, but nothing you can't handle. From the far side of the plateau, you should be able to see a crane overgrown with moss. Use your Force pull to drag its dangling rope your way.

Use the Force to pull this rope your way. Lucasfilm / EA

For a real combat challenge, use the rope to get to the plateau directly across, which is swarming with tongue-lashing Oggdos. But you're here for the chest, right? For that, you'll need to swing the rope out and back, then leap toward the fan blades and slow them in midair. Time it right, and you'll find yourself on the platform. In the chest is a new paint job for the Mantis called Republic, with sexy red trim.

Your reward for finally solving the ancient sphere puzzle. Lucasfilm / EA

You'll also finally learn more about the sphere itself. "My Friend. I've unearthed a curious artifact," the Jedi Eno Cordova will tell you. "An ancient sphere capable of storing and conducting massive amounts of energy. Whatever civilization crafted this must be the same that created the seemingly impenetrable structure nearby! I believe studying this sphere may yield the information I need to discover who they were and why they built such a landmark."

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.