In Pictures: The 40 Wealthiest Billionaires in the World

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Here are the world's 40 wealthiest billionaires, according to the Forbes World Billionaires list. Reuters

There was a 10 percent rise in the number of billionaires around the world to 1,542, according to the UBS/PwC Billionaires 2017 report. And for the first time ever, the number of Asian billionaires has overtaken those in the United States.

The total wealth held by the world’s billionaires rose by 17 percent in 2016 to $6 trillion.

The growth means that the world’s richest people now control the highest concentration of wealth since the period known as the Gilded Age in the United States, where business families built vast empires in the late 19th century, the Guardian reported.

Here are the 75 wealthiest billionaires in the world. Their combined worth is a whopping two-and-a-half trillion dollars, or more or less equal to the GDP of India. At the age of 34, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest on the list, though Chinese property developer Yang Huiyan is just a year older than the Facebook founder.

Jeff Bezos
1. Jeff Bezos (54),, $112 billion. Jason Redmond/AFP
Bill Gates
2. Bill Gates (62), Microsoft, $90 billion. John Lamparski/Getty Images
04 Warren Buffett
3. Warren Buffett (87), Berkshire Hathaway, $84 billion. Steve Pope/Getty Images
Bernard Arnault
4. Bernard Arnault (69), LVMH, $72 billion. Georges Gobet/AFP
Mark Zuckerberg
5. Mark Zuckerberg (34), Facebook, $71 billion. Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Amancio Ortega
6. Amancio Ortega (82), Zara, $70 billion. Miguel Riopa/AFP
Carlos Slim Helu
7. Carlos Slim Helu (78), various, $67.1 billion. Yuri Cortez/AFP
Charles Koch
=8. Charles Koch (82), Koch Industries, $60 billion. Damian Dovarganes/AP
David Koch
=8. David Koch (78), Koch Industries, $60 billion. Carlo Allegri/Reuters
Larry Ellison
10. Larry Ellison (73), Oracle, $58.5 billion. Kimberly White/Getty Images
Michael Bloomberg
11. Michael Bloomberg (76), Bloomberg LP, $50 billion. Lukas Schulze/Getty Images