Jeffree Star Responds to James Charles, Tati Westbrook Drama: 'Everything Tati Said Is 100% True'

Jeffree Star has joined the group chat.

YouTube's beauty community is still ablaze following Tati Westbrook's exposé video about her fallout with fellow influencer James Charles. After very publicly cutting ties with the 19-year-old Charles, Star — the king of beauty drama and scandal himself — has come alongside Westbrook and confirmed that everything she said about Charles was "100% true."

In Star's tweet, he mentioned his boyfriend Nathan and referenced the same event that Westbrook referenced in her latest video.

"There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again," Star tweeted Sunday. "There's a reason why I haven't seen him since [Westbrook's] birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."

Star is not only known as the owner and CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics but gained online stardom through his insanely popular YouTube channel, which currently has over 14.6 million subscribers.

The makeup guru is close friends with Westbrook and was previously on good terms with Charles, who was featured — along with Star — in an August 2018 video posted onto YouTube O.G., Shane Dawson's channel.

Dawson's video obviously was posted before Westbrook's birthday in February, but fans were still confused Sunday by Star's claim that he hadn't been in contact with Charles since then.

Star has not provided clarification since his most recent tweet Sunday, but both YouTube and Twitter are up in arms about the new addition to the James Charles scandal.

Along with addressing Charles' decision to make a sponsored Instagram post for Sugar Bear Hair — a direct competitor to Westbrook's Halo Beauty — Westbrook called out the teen YouTuber's "gross" behavior in regard to straight men.

"I have finally had enough," Westbrook said toward the middle of her nearly 45-minute "Bye Sister" video, posted late last week. "He said some things, telling me about a situation that happened in Seattle at my birthday, and it literally made me want to vomit."

"Oh my god, you tried to trick a straight man into thinking he's gay, yet again," she continued. "And, somehow, you're the victim. You know, it's really disgusting to manipulate someone's sexuality, especially when they are still emerging into adulthood."

She concluded: "You are using your fame, your power, your money to play with people's emotions. You're threatening to ruin them, you're threatening to embarrass them and you're doing that to have them behave sexually in your favor."

In Charles' apology video, posted Friday, he did briefly acknowledge the "boy situation," explaining that "boys have been a topic talked a lot about on my social media journey, and it's a topic that wish I hadn't."

He continued: "I've been involved in a lot of unique and strange situations that have left people confused or upset. I learned the hard way about ways that I can interact with boys that I've put trust in and ones that I shouldn't be talking to."

"This is a conversation that I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with and it's something I should've been far more careful with bringing into the public eye, especially with the last situation that happened," said Charles. "I've had to learn it the hard way."

Since Westbrook's video, Charles has lost 2 million subscribers and counting, according to data from Social Blade. The young social media star had more than 16.57 million subscribers right before this spat began. As the afternoon of Sunday, May 12, that number had plunged to around 14.375, indicating a loss in excess of 2 million followers in less than a week.

Meanwhile, Westbrook has added nearly as many followers as those lost by Charles. Since May 10, her subscriber base has soared from 6.38 million to 8.29 million by the afternoon of May 12 — just shy of 2 million additions in a matter of days, according to Social Blade data.