Jeffree Star Reveals His New Makeup Product Was Leaked, $2.5 Million of Products Stolen Following Blue Blood Launch

It's no post-April Fools Day joke, makeup mogul Jeffree Star has been burglarized. Revealing on his YouTube channel Tuesday, Star told his 13 million subscribers that more than $2.5 million worth of product had been stolen, including his unreleased Magic Star concealer.

"I'm in a state of shock right now," Star said at the beginning of his 16-minute video. "You guys noticed that I was pretty silent leading up to the [Blue Blood] launch...I haven't told anyone this yet."

"One of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken into and over $2.5 million of product was stolen from me," Star said.

The founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics went on to say that it was "the biggest hit" his company has faced and noticed pictures of his stolen products had already begun circulating on social media.

"These people were professional," he added. "I fully believe this was an inside job. I think it was someone who temporarily worked there and tipped them off."

Jeffree Star Cosmetics did not reply to Newsweek's request for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.

The "team" of burglars allegedly went through the roof and exploited the building's "weak" security. Products that were stolen included Northern Lights Highlighter Palette, Platinum Ice, lipliners and an entire shade of Star's newest product Magic Star concealer.

Star went on to say that a photo of the stolen concealer was posted Sunday on a Facebook marketplace.

"The people who broke into my facility, they are black-market makeup dealers," Star said on his channel. "They have hit Anastasia [Beverly Hills] about a year and a half ago."

"I can't believe they were ballsy enough to post a photo holding it," he continued. "That by itself is insane. It's so illegal to show something that you stole."

The makeup mogul went on to say that the person behind the photo is currently "in jail." Star then pleaded to his viewers to be on the lookout for more postings of the stolen C5 concealer shade and that he "would love to try and get more of it back."

Toward the conclusion of the video, the business owner looked toward the future and insured his fans that the concealer launch will still be happening.

"I am a fighter, I am a survivor, I have been through so many horrific things throughout my entire life," Star said to the camera. "How I view this is that this is a massive learning experience for me and my company."

"I have worked so hard on [my concealer]," he continued. "I am not doing a full review of my Magic Star concealer and setting powder today ... but the launch will be later in April. I'm so proud of it."