Jeffrey Epstein, Timothy McVeigh Action Figures for Sale on Etsy

Action figures of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and other criminals are being sold on Etsy.

As of Wednesday morning, Newsweek found action figures of cult leader David Koresh, cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet were available to buy from sellers on the website.

The Jeffrey Epstein action figure, called "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself," was being sold for $156.83 and is "low in stock," according to the U.S.-based seller.

A brief item description of the action figure reads: "High-quality polymer clay. Thick cardback. Enjoy!"

The Epstein action figure is a notable exception among the items being sold by Bad Monster Toys, which sells toys related to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Big Lebowski.

It also sells a $94.10 action figure of convicted felon Joe Exotic, the subject of the hit Netflix series Tiger King.

Action figures of well-known killers, cult leaders and other convicted criminals were being sold by Straight To Hell ToyCo on its Etsy page.

On its page, the South Carolina company said: "Action figures of dark, disturbing and iconic topics 100 percent handmade by us in the USA by the worst toy company in the world, Straight To Hell ToyCo, est 2017.

"Made with deliberately basic retro 80s figures in mind, if you don't get the irony, you don't get what we're doing."

It added: "We do not support or hero-worship any of our topics. All action figures made are intended as an ironic form of social commentary not an endorsement."

Further disclaimers appear on the individual action figure pages, which reads: "This listing is not an endorsement of violence or criminality in any way."

Killers featured on the seller's page include child abuser and serial murderer Richard Ramirez, serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy and Manson Family member, Tex Watson.

There is also a figure based on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which is made to look like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movie franchise.

The 3.75 inch action figures mostly sell for $43.91.

On the "our house rules" of the Etsy website, the company said it had "a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited items."

Among the items that are prohibited on Etsy include drugs, human remains and weapons. It also bans "violent items: Items that promote, support, or glorify violence."

Newsweek has contacted Etsy, Straight To Hell Toyco and Bad Monster Toys for comment.

Jeffrey Epstein and Timothy McVeigh action figures
Jeffrey Epstein died in jail in August, 2019, while awaiting new abuse charges. Action figures of Epstein and other serious criminals are being sold on Etsy. Etsy