Jen Psaki and Peter Doocy Clash Again Over Americans 'Stranded' in Kabul

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki clashed with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy once again over the definition of "stranded" as the U.S. scrambles to evacuate Americans and Afghans from Afghanistan.

On Tuesday afternoon, Doocy fired a question at Psaki over her previous comments that it was "irresponsible" to say Americans were stranded in Afghanistan.

Doocy then revealed he had spoken to an American, who gave her name as Fatima, who told him: "We are stranded at home."

She apparently also told Doocy that they were unable to make it to the airport in Kabul as they had not been given "clear guidance" from U.S. officials about what to do, despite emailing them on multiple occasions.

Psaki replied the administration was "committed" to bringing Americans home "who want to leave."

She then told reporters the U.S. does not track Americans who travel around the world and relies on "self-reporting" and that they were under no obligation to tell officials whether they had left a country.

The White House press #secretary said this results in a "dynamic number" of Americans who remain within Afghanistan.

Psaki then said she expected a figure for the number of Americans in Afghanistan to be released by the State Department on August 25.

In response, Doocy asked: "You're saying no Americans are stranded, this is someone in Kabul who says: 'I am stranded.' So, is there a better word for someone who can't leave their house to get to the airport because Jake Sullivan [National Security Advisor of the United States] says ISIS is outside the airport…"

Psaki then interrupted and asked for the White House to be provided with the person's phone number, so they could be contacted.

Newsweek has contacted the Department of State for comment.

The administration of Joe Biden has come under sustained criticism over its handling of the withdrawal of troops, American citizens and Afghans from the country.

Despite chaotic scenes of Afghans desperately trying to enter Kabul's international airport, President Biden is sticking firm to his August 31 deadline to pull out troops.

There are now fears following the Taliban's rapid takeover that Afghanistan could once again become a refuge haven for extremists who could launch an attack in Western nations.

Chris Costa, the senior director for counterterrorism under former President Donald Trump said: "I think Al-Qaeda has an opportunity, and they're going to take advantage of that opportunity.

"This is a galvanizing event for jihadists everywhere."

Doocy questioned Psaki on Tuesday
Doocy questioned Psaki about the definition of "stranded." This image was taken at the White House Briefing Room on Tuesday, August 24. White House