Jenelle Evans Compared Husband's 'Teen Mom' Firing To R. Kelly Sex Abuse Controversy Before He Shot The Family Dog

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans compared her situation with husband David Eason to R. Kelly's sex abuse allegations in Monday's episode. Evans claimed it all comes down to how much she travels to film Teen Mom 2, which can't be done in her home state because of Eason's prior threats of violence against the production team.

Evans claimed she and Eason don't fight, except over her filming schedule. Eason was fired from the series in 2018, and he's no longer invited to share his side of their relationship on the reality show. Now, Evans' refuses to speak about their relationship, and compared her husband's lack of voice to R. Kelly's in his sexual assault allegations.

"I'm not talking about relationships, because David can't talk about anything, so I'm not going to put him in that position. He doesn't have the chance, he's not allowed to be filmed," Evans explained during the episode.

Evans then referenced the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which aired in January. "It's kinda like someone's gonna go make a documentary about you, and you have no say about it," she explained. "Kinda like the R. Kelly thing. You know what I mean? They went and interviewed all these different people, but they didn't interview R. Kelly to see what he had to think about it. I feel like everyone here is just like filming about David, David, David, David and David doesn't get to say nothing about anything. He doesn't get to say s*** about nothing."

The scene was filmed long before Eason shot and killed the couple's dog, Nugget. News broke of Nugget's death last week, when Evans shared a photo of the French Bulldog on Instagram, with a heartbroken caption. Eason confirmed he had killed the dog in a conversation with TMZ. He explained it was because the dog had a history of trying to bite his young daughter.

Evans and Eason's current relationship status is unclear. In the Monday conversation, Evans also addressed her mother's previous comments that Eason "hurts" Evans.

"It hurt my feelings, because it's about my relationship, and she knows about my relationship, yet she's saying different things to other people that aren't true, when she knows the truth," Evans said of her mother's comments. "I told my mom, I can't be that open with you anymore. You get protective or offended over the littlest things."