'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason's Transphobic Comments on Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans stood up for her husband David Eason amid the backlash of a meme he shared on Facebook on Thursday. Some of Eason's social media followers suggested the meme was transphobic.

The meme, which features a cropped image of two young girls—one smiling, the other cringing—read, "In Democratic America, if this girl sees a penis at a party, it's a crime. But if this girl sees a penis in the women's bathroom, it's tolerance."

One of Eason's followers responded to the post by advising him to teach his children "not to go lookin into the bathroom stall when people are s**ting," prompting the reality TV personality to retaliate. "No maybe you should teach your kids not to grow up to be a transgender and we won't have to worry about them peeping on children in the bathroom," he wrote.

Eason only added to the outrage on his timeline when he alleged transpeople were perverts. "Yes they are ALL perverts, do your research," he wrote in response to one commenter telling him not to generalize all trans folks. "Why do you think they change their whole life to meet their sexual preferences?"

Eason has since removed the meme from his Facebook, but his wife shared the image again on her Twitter on Thursday. "Oh of course @starcasm doesn't want to admit where the conversation sparked up with my husband on Facebook about perverts. Acting like he's ranting and raving for no reason again? He posted a MEME.. And everyone got offended… so he responded. #GetOverIt," she wrote.

When some fans slammed Evans for supporting her husband's rhetoric, she defended him. "That's your own opinion," she wrote.

"Sad to see you come on here just to put down others that don't agree with your opinions or views. I don't hate your [sic] for your opinion. I can agree to disagree and still be civil with society. You obviously can't," she continued.

When a fan called Evans out for sending transphobic messages by reposting the meme, the MTV star replied, "Why the f**k does there have to be a label on everything? Lmao I'm about to make up my own s**t."

Evans continued to support her husband, ending her back-and-forth with disagreeing fans with one final tweet: "I will stand by my husband until the day we die… #SorryNotSorry."