Jenna Jameson Insists She Didn't 'Get the Jab' After Guillain-Barré Diagnosis

Jenna Jameson has revealed that she's been diagnosed with autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) after suffering ill health for weeks.

The former adult film star's partner, Lior Bitton, shared on the model's Instagram account on Saturday that she had been hospitalized and was undergoing a series of tests after losing her ability to walk, even with the aid of a walker.

After subsequently confirming that she had been diagnosed with GBS, Jameson, 47, insisted that she had not taken "the jab." GBS has been deemed a "very rare" possible side effect of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

As she shared a video of herself from her hospital bed on Monday, Jameson spoke about her hospital experience before adding: "I did NOT get the jab or any jab. This is NOT a reaction to the jab. Thank you for your concern."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has deemed COVID-19 vaccines "safe and effective," advising on its website that those seeking vaccination "get either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna (mRNA COVID-19 vaccines). The mRNA vaccines are preferred over Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID-19 vaccine in most circumstances."

Over the weekend, Bitton shared a video in which he explained that Jameson had been "throwing up for a couple weeks," leading to her initial hospital visit, during which she underwent a CT scan before doctors sent her home.

"Then she came back home and she couldn't carry herself," said Bitton, who shares 4-year-old daughter, Batel Lu, with Jameson. "Her muscles in her legs were very weak. So she wasn't able to walk to the bathroom.

"She was falling on the way back or to the bathroom. I would have to pick her up and carry her to bed. And then within two days it got really not so good. Her legs started to not hold her—she wasn't able to walk."

Captioning the clip, Bitton wrote: "Update on Jenna. Today is her 3rd day in the hospital. The hospital did CT, MRI and Spinal Tap tests. Waiting to find out what's going on and how we can treat her so she can get better and feel better."

An edit later added to the caption included a statement from Jameson, revealing that she had been diagnosed with GBS, continuing: "I am at the hospital healing. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes!"

In her self-shot video from her hospital bed, Jameson said after she had undergone tests: "We've gotten some answers. I am dealing with a little syndrome called Guillain-Barré syndrome, so we're working through that. And I just wanted to let you know that I see all your DMs and I appreciate it so much."

Mother-of-three Jameson then turned her camera to show that she was receiving intravenous immunoglobulin therapy (IVIG).

"I'm getting my second IVIG," she said in the clip. "So I just had an infusion, and we're just working toward getting better."

In her caption, Jameson stated that she "will likely remain [in the hospital] until treatment is complete. I hope to be out of here soon."

The CDC describes Guillain-Barré syndrome as a "rare, autoimmune disorder in which a person's own immune system damages the nerves, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis."

According to the CDC, the symptoms can last anything from a few weeks to several years, with most people making a full recovery, while some are left with permanent nerve damage. People have also died of GBS.

Initial symptoms usually include "weakness or tingling sensations in both legs. Many times, this spreads to the arms and upper body. Symptoms may increase until some muscles cannot be used at all and, in severe cases, the person can become paralyzed."

Per the CDC, there are several known causes of GBS, with about two-thirds of people with the disorder having had diarrhea or a respiratory illness several weeks before developing symptoms. It can also develop after such infections as flu, cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr virus, and Zika virus. It also "very rarely" occurs within days of weeks of receiving certain vaccines.

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson has revealed that she has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, after suffering ill health for a number of weeks and losing her ability to walk. The former adult film star also insisted that she had not taken "the jab," in apparent reference to the COVID-19 vaccine. Vincent Sandoval/WireImage;/Jenna Jameson/Instagram