Jennifer Lawrence Is an 'Asshole' to Her Fans, According to Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an 'asshole', according to Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence attends the 2017 Governors Awards in Hollywood, California, November 11, 2017. VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty

Jennifer Lawrence fans beware: If you approach the actor for a selfie, you might get an earful.

In typically unaffected Jennifer Lawrence fashion, the Oscar-winning star said that she becomes "incredibly rude" in public when approached by people who recognize her.

"That's kind of, like, my only way of defending myself," she said in an interview with fellow actor Adam Sandler for Variety.

"Once I enter a public place I become incredibly rude, I turn into a huge asshole," said Lawrence, adding, "Like, see somebody walking towards my table, just go [no]. Or, like, 'Can I have a selfie?' and I'm like, 'No.' That's my only defense.

Another Lawrence brushoff is telling people "it's my day's Sunday, I'm not working today."

Lawrence says she doesn't have it as bad as one of her best friends, the comedian Amy Schumer. "I take my dog to the park all the time, to Central Park. As soon as I meet her in the park, we're fucked."

Sandler, the industry veteran, said he has a politer way of shutting down pesky fans asking for pictures. "My new move has been, that works alright, when it's an older guy, a guy my age, wanting to take a picture with me...They go, 'Hey Adam, can I get a picture?' I say, 'You don't want that, man.' And the guy goes, 'What?' and I go, 'You don't want that.' And he's like, 'Yeah, yeah, I don't.'"

You can understand Lawrence's antipathy towards pushier fans, given the 2014 leak of privated nude photos—a situation she described as similar to being "gang-banged by the fucking planet." As she elaborated, "There's not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me. You can just be at a barbecue, and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process," Lawrence explained. "When I first found out it was happening, my security reached out to me. It was happening minute to minute—it was almost like a ransom situation where they were releasing new ones every hour or so."