How to Watch James Holzhauer Return to 'Jeopardy!': Air Date, Channel, Live Stream and More Info

James Holzhauer will make his grand return to Jeopardy! on Monday. The 34-year-old will attempt to advance his winning streak during a new round of trivia led by longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.

Since making his first appearance on the show in April, Las Vegas native Holzhauer has won 22 consecutive regular-season games so far. He's accumulated a whopping $1,691,008 since his debut game, leading him to become the show's second longest-winning contestant. He holds the title of second-most regular seasons cash winnings in Jeopardy! history, as well as the second-most consecutive wins.

The professional sports gambler's biggest earning moment came when he amassed $131,127 during a game that aired on April 17.

Holzhauer's two-week hiatus from the show will end with Monday's game, which is set to air on NBC at 6 p.m. ET. Although the show will not be available via live stream, viewers will still be able to watch the game on-demand on NBC's website and app with a cable provider login after the show airs. Those with Hulu subscriptions will also be able to catch the episode on-demand there. Don't miss the return of James Holzhauer to @Jeopardy TONIGHT on WNKY NBC 40 at 6pm. James is #ChasingKen for most earnings all-time!

— WNKY TV (@wnkytv) May 20, 2019

Ken Jennings currently holds the title of most all-time wins. Jennings appeared on the show from late 2003 into early 2004 and won a total of 74 games, earning the show's largest winning pot of $2.52 million from regular-season games.

Jennings is hoping Holzhauer can catch up to his record. Jennings applauded Holzhauer's effort in an opinion piece for The Washington Post, published Monday, and noted he admired Holzhauer's confidence in playing the game so differently from everyone else. "I'm the only person alive who knows firsthand how difficult it is to do what Holzhauer is doing, and that's why I'm rooting him on," Jennings wrote.

He continued: "I may hold a bunch of Jeopardy! records, but at heart, I'm just a fan of the show. And for any real Jeopardy! fan, this streak is something special."

If Holzhauer keeps winning at his current daily average, he's expected to break Jennings' record. He averages $76,863 a game as well as $9,128 a bet per daily double with a response accuracy rate of 97 percent. Holzhauer holds a correct final Jeopardy! rate of 95 percent, according to the Jeopardy! website.

A continued winning streak could lead Holzhauer to top Jennings' record by early June, if he doesn't have an exceedingly successful win before the end of May.