Corbyn Accused Of 'Intelligence Failure' Over Leaked List of 'Hostile' MPs

Jeremy Corbyn
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in London, January 16. Britain should stay in the EU "warts and all", he will say on Thursday. Reuters/Neil Hall

A leaked document reportedly compiled by allies of Britain's left-wing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn reveals who his perceived allies and foes are among his party's MPs.

The Times of London on Wednesday published a list dividing MPs in the U.K. Labour Party into four groups; the "Core Group" of Corbyn's 19 most committed backers, the "Core Group Plus" of 56 other sympathetic MPs, a group of 72 who are "neutral but not hostile," a 49-strong "Core Group Negative" set of less friendly politicians, and a final 36 in the "Hostile Group."

The list was reportedly compiled by Corbyn's political secretary Katy Clark.

Surprise entries include Sadiq Khan, the party's London Mayoral candidate who nominated Corbyn for the leadership in 2015, being listed under "hostile," and Mike Gapes, an MP from the right of the party who has campaigned against its hard left, being classed as "neutral."

Dan Jarvis, a moderate MP widely thought to be in the early stages of a future leadership bid, is listed as "negative" rather than "hostile."

When asked on Twitter whether he considered himself to be "neutral," Gapes replied simply: "LOL!".

Jess Phillips, an MP listed as "negative," said: "I'm bothered by terrible spelling, erratic ordering system, omissions and repetition. I suspect my work experience could do better."

The influential right-wing blog Guido Fawkes said that the questionable placement of some MPs amounted to an "intelligence failure" in Corbyn's team.

Theo Bertram, a former aide to ex-Labour Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said there was "Nothing unusual about political management of the PLP [parliamentary Labour party] by a leader's office," but questioned how such a list could have been leaked.

Corbyn's office told The Times they had no knowledge of the list.