'Jerry Outsmarts Tom': People Hail Mouse Escaping Cat's Deadly Clutches

Everyone knows cats and mice are typical arch-enemies, with the two species immortalized in numerous animated pairs including Tom and Jerry and Itchy and Scratchy.

Cats love to hunt the rodents, often bringing in presents for their owners, which can lead to a commotion if their prize is still alive. But sometimes the underdog bests their opponent.

Cat owner @bmjr99 filmed their pet, a tabby, playing with a mouse that it had caught in the garden.

As most of us know, cats defy the age-old adage not to play with our food, as they often kill time batting and chasing frightened prey.

Filming from inside a house, @bmjr99 captured their feline with the mouse hanging out of its mouth by the tail. The cat then puts the prey down momentarily, but the smaller mammal seizes their opportunity and flees, with the predator in hot pursuit.

The mouse makes a beeline for the undergrowth, seeing the moggy frantically searching for their foe, but in a hilarious twist the mouse can be seen running underneath the cat.

The rodent dashes across the patio as the cat's back is turned, in comical scenes, heading towards the camera before disappearing, living to fight another day.

"When Jerry outsmarts Tom," @bmjr99 captioned the video. Since being shared last week it's racked up more than 250,000 views, as people praised the mouse's daring escape.

Smiler wrote: "Brilliant ! Go Mr Mouse."

Lady Georgia Elle raved: "Spectacular escape!!!"

"Omg the cat was still looking for it. The mouse had a nice & clean escape. Quite a smart mouse," @rockylovecat thought.

Az3rtie_qw3rtie noted: "That's one huge advantage of being much smaller than opponent."

"Nothing like a game of cat n mouse," @margueritejacobsen joked.

Izabella thought: "That is one clever mouse."

Jenny Skoog commented: "The way he just jogged out of there. Boss style."

While Pretty Sally added: "The best Tom & Jerry Live Show ever."

Cats' desire to hunt is a natural instinct, with the website of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London explaining why felines often play with their prey and bring in live mice.

The website said: "This may look cruel, but cats are not doing this for entertainment.

"By confusing the mouse or other small animal and tiring it out, your cat is essentially making sure that they can kill it without getting injured themselves."

And confirming what most of us suspected, cats don't necessarily hunt to catch food.

The site continued: "Your cat's motivation to hunt is not influenced by whether or not they are hungry.

"The only thing that might change is the intensity and duration of their hunting; cats that are not hungry will still catch prey but may not kill or eat it."

Newsweek reached out to @bmjr99 for comment.

File photo of cat and mouse.
File photo of cat and mouse. A clip of a mouse outsmarting a feline predator has been hailed online. axeiz77/Getty Images