Jessi Smiles Shares Gabbie Hanna Phone Call as Feud Escalates

YouTube star Jessi Smiles has released recordings of phone calls between herself and friend-turned-foe Gabbie Hanna, as the pair's public feud rises to the fore once again.

The erstwhile Vine stars had a very bitter and public falling out back in 2019, when Smiles—real name Jessi Vasquez—revealed that Hanna had sided with her ex-boyfriend Curtis Lepore, who she had accused of raping her in 2013.

Smiles filed charges in 2014, dropping them weeks later when Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault. The issue became a talking point again in 2019, when it emerged that Hanna had been friendly with Lepore after the accusations.

Adding insult to injury, historic tweets also emerged at the time, showing that Hanna had questioned Smiles' accusations against Lepore approximately eight months before the two women would go on to become friends.

After being branded a "rape apologist" for siding with Lepore, Hanna sat down for an interview with Buzzfeed, during which she said she complained about not having received an apology for her private messages being made public.

"Who didn't I apologize to?" Hanna said in the interview, published June 4. "I gave Jessi Smiles an apology. I gave Beyoncé an apology. It feels like I'm always dishing out apologies and I've never once received one, and that to me feels a little chaotic."

But on Monday night, Smiles took to Twitter to share a series of recordings from her phone conversations with Hanna—which both parties consented to being recorded—during which they went over the history of their feud.

"Gabbie and I had a phone call last summer," wrote Smiles. "I never planned to release it. In fact, there's nothing I want more than to never talk or think about Gabbie ever again. But her continued lying about my trauma has officially broken me and I don't know what else to do."

Pt. 2 (note: call has been edited for brevity but in no way that affects context)

— Jessi Smiles (@jessismiles__) June 7, 2021

The Viner-turned-YouTuber then shared a recording of their phone conversation, labeled as having taken place on June 22, 2020.

As Hanna told Smiles that Lepore had initiated contact by calling her, a visibly emotional Smiles asked her erstwhile friend why she answered.

"I didn't have the number saved," said Hanna. "The first situation was a FaceTime call. The second situation was when we were at an event and he tried to take a selfie with me and I was like, no that's not happening."

To contradict her claim, Smiles then posted a snapshot of Hanna and Lepore posing together—one of the other examples Smiles shared of the two posing together.

Later in the call, Hanna said: "I didn't hang out with his friends... I am allowed to have friends. I'm allowed to collaborate. I can't cut everybody out of my life."

"I didn't even know you spoke to him all these times," said Smiles. "I'm finding out now and, honestly, I'm frankly disgusted. So I didn't even know all of this... I just had a panic attack hearing you say that you heard him out."

Hanna recounted of her conversation with Lepore: "Curtis said, 'Do you mind if I tell you the story of that night?' And I said, 'I mean, yeah that's fine. Like, I've heard her side, you can tell me yours.' So he told me the exact same story."

After Smiles asked Hanna why she listened to Lepore, she explained: "I was getting ready to defend you... I literally wanted to catch him in a lie...

"He told me his story and I told him, 'Well Curtis, that is literally the story that Jessi tells, and at the end of the day she was asleep.'"

The Tweets Pt. 2

— Jessi Smiles (@jessismiles__) June 7, 2021

In defending her initial decision to side with Lepore, Hanna said that a male friend of hers was once falsely accused of rape, and alleged that it was widely believed Smiles was not telling the truth at the time she filed charges.

During the calls, Hanna was also heard demanding a public apology from Smiles for making their private conversations public amid their fallout, while also asking her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Smiles, who is expecting her second child with husband Nassim Ssimou, immediately rejected the request, advising Hanna to sue her instead so they could battle things out in court.

Pushing back on Smiles' suggestion, Hanna said: "The only thing I want is for my name to be cleared, for me to feel like my story is heard, and for this to go away."

In concluding her thread of videos, Smiles wrote: "I know I made a public video calling Gabbie out in 2019 - I understand that.

"I don't, however, understand how that warrants Gabbie being able to bring up my rape/rapist consistently in order to 'defend herself' against things that she...actually did. It's beyond triggering."

Gabbie Hanna feuding with Jessi Smiles
Gabbie Hanna attends the 9th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 13, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. The YouTube star recently spoke out amid her long-running feud with Jessi Smiles. Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images