JetBlue Engine Fire, Smoke Scare Passengers Who Get Free Pizza, $275 Voucher

Passengers on a JetBlue plane faced some scary moments during a smoky takeoff from Las Vegas's McCarran Airport on Sunday. The plane, with 146 passengers, was leaving Las Vegas bound for Boston when smoke began pouring from an engine during takeoff, according to reports.

Nobody was injured in the incident and the plane taxied safely back to the gate, according to WCVB TV in Las Vegas. The flight was canceled and passengers eventually got another plane. One passenger told WCVB in Boston they got $275 voucher and free pizza from JetBlue while they waited in Las Vegas Sunday for another flight. The passengers safely arrived in Boston at 3 a.m. Monday.

"We kind of screamed a little bit, we grabbed each other and the brakes locked up and that was it and we were just kind of sitting there a little stunned," a passenger told the TV station about the original flight after they arrived safely at the Boston airport on another flight.

Passengers said everybody was calm after the fire and that the JetBlue plane was accelerating down the runway for takeoff when there was a loud noise followed by the pilot slamming on the brakes. One passenger reportedly videotaped smoke pouring from the engine over the plane's wing.