Jim Carrey's New Cartoon Taunts 'Lapdog' James Mattis for Allowing 'Toolius Ceaser' Donald Trump to Exploit the Military

Jim Carrey fired shots at Defense Secretary Jim Mattis with his new drawing released on Friday. Posted on Twitter, the cartoon portrays Mattis as a dog sitting on President Donald Trump's lap.

The image depicts Trump, whom Carrey refers to as "Toolius Ceasar," petting the dog, sketched in Mattis' likeness. The president is also feeding the animal a bone in the picture.

"Has Mad Dog Mattis become Lapdog Mattis?" Carrey wrote. "Are the brave men and women of our military now being used as extras in an expensive PR stunt…paid for by YOU? It's just one of the many ways Toolius Ceasar disgraced himself and our soldiers this Veterans Day."

Carrey's drawing comes just one day after Mattis defended Trump's deployment of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in effort to prevent a group of migrants, which Trump refers to as a 'caravan', from entering the country. Mattis went to meet with the more than 5,900 soldiers who were sent to McAllen, Texas to stop what Trump called an "invasion" of immigrants.

While speaking to press on the plane to Texas, Mattis compared Trump's order to send troops to the border to stop men, women and children from entering the U.S. to President Woodrow Wilson's measures to counteract opposition led by General Francisco "Pancho" Villa during the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900s.

"I think many of you are aware that President Wilson 100 years ago—a little over 100 years ago deployed the U.S. Army to the Southwest border," Mattis said. "The threat then was Pancho Villa's troops, a revolutionary raiding across the border into the United States, New Mexico in 1916."

While Mattis spent much of his week defending the president's decision to beef up border security with the deployment of troops, Trump declined to pay respects to veterans laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Veterans Day—an age-old old tradition for sitting presidents to observe since 1954—on Monday. He avoided a similar ceremony on a recent trip to France because he felt it was too rainy.

Jim Carrey's New Cartoon Taunts 'Lapdog' James Mattis for Allowing 'Toolius Ceaser' Donald Trump to Exploit the Military | Culture