Jim Carrey Bids Goodbye to Sarah Huckabee Sanders With Cartoon on Twitter

Jim Carrey bid outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders farewell with another scathing piece of original artwork on Friday.

Carrey posted a cartoon drawing of Sanders, praying to what appears to be the crucifix, with a red, ostensibly makeshift red halo over her head.

He wrote: "Good Riddance, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Now the only one you have to lie to is Jesus."

Good Riddance, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Now the only one you have to lie to is Jesus. pic.twitter.com/qeWYpNxrtF

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 14, 2019

This isn't the first time Carrey has published a cartoon of Sanders or the Trump administration. In 2018, Newsweek reported that the actor and comedian defended a cartoon he drew of the former press secretary, saying he depicted her "ugly" essence.

He'd created a series of sketches and paintings, mocking President Donald Trump and other figures in the administration, but Carrey faced particular criticism last year for his picture of Huckabee Sanders after people claimed he made her look ugly.

The actor described the cartoons as catharsis to an audience at the Television Critics Association press tour, The Daily Beast reported last summer.

"I have to alchemize it into something that is at least creative and decent," he reportedly told the audience. "Even if it's crass at times, it's the crass that I'm expressing that everyone wants to express but can't necessarily do so in their own lives. So when I stick a flag in Trump's ass it's because that's what everyone is seeing. They're seeing him owned, and I have to express that. And sometimes that's the most crass way that I can express it because I'm done with it."

The last time he drew Huckabee Sanders was in March 2018.

"When I did the Sarah Huckabee Sanders, everybody came out and said, 'The horrendousness. The ugliness.' I didn't say ugly. I didn't say anything. I drew her essence," he said. "To me, ugly is an inside job."

This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous! pic.twitter.com/MeYLTy1pqb

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 17, 2018

Friday's cartoon was similar in that it depicted Huckabee Sanders in seeming distress, with wrinkles, a gaping mouth and three chins.

Huckabee Sanders, who announced her resignation yesterday, has been criticized for her rudeness with the press and tendency to gaslight. She is leaving the Trump administration after a near-disappearance of the daily press briefing in 2019.

In an announcement yesterday, the president called her "tough" and "great."

Her successor has yet to be announced.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders talks to reporters after being interviewed on FOX News outside the White House April 29, 2019 in Washington, D.C. In lieu of regular press briefings inside the White House, Sanders now regularly stops to talk to reporters after being interviewed by FOX and Friends. Sanders will be leaving the Trump administration at the end of June. Getty/Chip Somodevilla