Donald Trump's Health Care Promise Is 'Just A Lie, It's Another Lie,' Jimmy Kimmel Says

Jimmy Kimmel ripped President Donald Trump's USA Today op-ed to shreds during his late-night show on Wednesday. In his piece, Trump ridiculed the Democrat proposed Medicare for All plan, which he said would "establish a government-run, single-payer health care system" costing some $32.6 trillion in its first 10 years. Meanwhile, the president praised himself for keeping his own campaign promise to protect Medicare for seniors and establish insurance options aimed at minimizing premiums

Kimmel said the whole thing "really makes him mad," mostly because Trump barely managed to keep his campaign promises. "No, you didn't keep that promise. That promise was forced on you because John McCain gave you the finger and so you weren't able to not keep that promise. That's not keeping a promise," the comedian said.

"And yes, rates will go down in some states but they would have gone down even further in all states if you and your buddies hadn't spent the last year trying to cripple the plan we have now. This is claiming you saved people from drowning after you put a hole in the side of the ship. It's just a lie. It's another lie," he continued.

Kimmel went on to deride Republican's plans of "Trumping people to death"—a tactic the GOP is supposedly ensuing to secure votes, which Kimmel noted was "also their healthcare policy."

Kimmel has long been an advocate for affordable health care and has often discussed the topic on his ABC late-night show. Kimmel's son, William "Billy" Kimmel, was born with a congenital heart defect requiring him to undergo open-heart surgery when he was three days old.

Kimmel shared the situation with viewers on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live back in May 2017. He said the traumatic event opened his eyes to difficulties financially struggling families faced in similar stressful moments, which essentially led him to become a passionate advocate for universal health care.

Donald Trump's Health Care Promise Is 'Just A Lie, It's Another Lie,' Jimmy Kimmel Says | Culture