Video: Jimmy Kimmel Shares 'Proof' Donald Trump Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Hilarious Montage

U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel unleashed a comedy montage last night claiming to show proof that President Donald Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, as was alleged by Republican lawyer George Conway in a viral tweet earlier this week.

In a Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment on March 21, the comedian focused on the feud between Trump and Conway, who is the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

"Much of Trump's madness this March has been directed at George Conway, husband of Kellyanne. Trump called George Conway a whack job, a stone-cold loser and a husband from hell. I guess Melania's Be Best campaign hasn't quite started to kick in," Kimmel said.

Conway's Twitter account has become dominated by anti-Trump news stories and personal statements. In a March 19 post, since shared nearly 10,000 times, he uploaded the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. Kimmel said it was "only fair" to investigate further.

As proof, the comedian shared a montage of Trump's boastful claims over the years—including ones from the infamous Access Hollywood tape—that appeared to back up every symptom listed.

For point one, a grandiose sense of self-importance, the clip showed Trump saying, "I have done more in 500 days than any president has ever done in their first 500 days." For point nine, arrogant behaviors, Trump was seen saying, "I am a very stable genius."

It went on and on. "Nine out of nine, a perfect score—congratulations Mr. President!" Kimmel proclaimed as a large banner showing a bright fireworks display played for the studio audience. "You are the most narcissistic personality of the year! He'd probably be happy about it."

It was not the only montage mocking Trump that Kimmel showcased last night. In a second clip, he provided a glimpse of what Donald Trump Jr.'s election campaign might look like if he ran for president in 2024, as outlets including Raw Story recently speculated.

"Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly being groomed for a run in 2024. It's not an expression—they literally groom him like a dog," Kimmel joked, making a stroking gesture. "Apparently they are hoping to form a Trump political dynasty. And it's not just talk. Even though 2024 is still more than five years away, they're already running campaign ads."

The fake campaign ad suggested Trump Jr. would run under the catchy tagline "My Name is Trump Too." It mocked Trump Jr.'s simplistic language and joked about his hobbies.

The video prominently featured an image of Trump Tower and a famous picture taken during a hunting trip in 2012.

A voiceover narrating the video said, "My name is Donald Trump Jr. People call me Donald Trump Jr. That's our big hotel. That's my name on the outside. It's also my dad's name. He's the president. I shot this leopard. With a gun. I wasn't scared. Someday I want to be president like my dad. Then maybe he will stop saying that he should have had a vasectomy."

The segment followed a report from London newspaper The Times last Friday, which indicated that Trump Jr. may have aspirations to sit in the White House after his father's tenure comes to an end. Eric Trump told the news outlet: "Do I think we understand [U.S. politics]? Yes. Am I saying he [Donald Jr.] would run, or any one of us would run? I wouldn't rule anything out."